carbon fiber has long been known for its strength and lightweight property. it has seen applications in transportation industry, sporting goods, but why not your hand tools as well? after all, it is strong and lightweight, is it not? which makes it an ideal material for say example, wrenches. as a bonus, it will look totally rad. oh wait. we know why. because it is freaking expensive, that’s why. however, if you have pretty penny to spare, we are quite sure you won’t mind having a set of CarbonLite Tools, which are wrenches crafted from 3/8″ carbon fiber and matched to harden stainless steel teeth, laying around your workshop. each CarbonLite wrench is composed of over 25 individual layers of Carbon Fiber cloth, bond together with resin, vacuum bagged and then autoclave to harden, while the stainless steel inserts are individually cut from 3/8″ thick stock to arrive to an insert measuring a mere 0.05″ thin. additionally, the teeth of the insert are tapered for enhanced grip of the bolt when inserted deeper.

CarbonLite Tools

it takes a good nine hours just to produce one wrench, which is considered a big deal cos’ a regular cast tools take just minutes to make. so just how strong and light are they? well, lets just say that it is strong enough to sustain suspending a two-seater ATV above the ground and as for the weight, each set of five wrenches weighs in at a scant 6.7 ounces or about 190g. the only downside is, they seems to have pretty threatening straight edges, which means you may run the risk of cutting or splintering your hands if not careful. so if you do actually use these beautiful wrenches, make sure you have the appropriate gloves on. each set of CarbonLite Tools consists of five wrenches, with each wrench sporting both standard and its metric size equivalent, covering sizes 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″, 9/16″, 5/8″ and 10mm, 12mm,13mm, 14mm, 15mm. available now for $139.95 per set. shocking? well, we never say it will be cheap, but also, you can’t deny it had you at hello and probably set you thinking of a good explanation to your wife as to why you need to drop three figures for a set of wrenches.

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