tea has been around for like forever and to this day, how tea is brewed remains largely unchanged, regardless of culture or religion. it basically involves dumping tea leaves into boiling water, or in a more modern methodology, permeable bag with grounded tea leaves is soaked in hot water to bring out the flavor. however, BKON (pronounced as Beacon) thinks there is more to it and invented the BKON Craft Brewer that is said to serve up a perfectly-brewed cuppa, every time and it takes just sixty seconds to do so. at the heart of the system is a process known as Reverse Atmospheric INfusion (or RAIN for short), which involves a series of process that draws air out of the brewing chamber and releasing it back. apparently, this rather unorthodox process aids in extracting the soluble flavor of the tea leaves that makes up the tea flavor as you know it and doing so without the need for boiling hot water which would otherwise mar the flavor of the tea.

as you might have expected, the BKON Craft Brewer is also smart appliance; it allows users access to over 200 recipes stored onboard via a touchscreen control panel and it will clean itself prior to preparing the next cuppa. in this way, tea drinkers will only taste what they are after and not some tea with remnant flavor of the previous brew. we are not as huge a fan of tea, but we could imagine tea connoisseurs all over would be rejoicing over a machine like the Craft Brewer. unfortunately, the BKON Craft Brewer is not quite geared for homes at this point. it is currently being trialled in select US tea rooms/coffee shops and it will retail for around $13,000 when it eventually becomes commercially available. we suppose if money is of no object, you could probably score yourself one for your home very own tea bar, but for everyone else, you will have to keep your fingers crossed that a home version with a price tag of around today’s expresso machine is in the pipeline.

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BKON via Red Ferret

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