Do You Know There Was Once A Diamond Embellished Teabag That Was Worth £7,500 In 2009?

This may be an old news. A very, very old news, or 11 year old news to be precise. But in case you haven’t heard, there was once a teabag embellished with 280 diamonds. You know, the precious stones that are rumored to swoon any woman over? Yeah, those diamonds and on a teabag.

The FuLian Molding Poop Tea Infuser: Perfect Prank Gift For Tea Drinkers

If you are looking for a great prank gift for your tea-drinking family and friends, FuLian has just the right stuff for you. What you see here is the Poop Tea Infuser made by Dongguan FuLian Moulding Co..

BKON Craft Brewer Churns Out 60 Perfect Cups of Tea In An Hour

tea has been around for like forever and to this day, how tea is brewed remains largely unchanged, regardless of culture or religion. it basically involves dumping tea leaves into boiling water, or in a more modern methodology, permeable bag with grounded tea leaves is soaked in hot water to bring out the flavor. however, …

Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser

nobody knows what’s the lifestyle was like onboard the Death Star. all we know was that everyone in it were always on their toes, less they get choke by the dark lord, Vader. however, we suspect that if any of them had some laid back time for a cup of Earl Grey (or was it Vader Grey or perhaps, Galactic Breakfast?), the Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser would…

coffee or tea? Bodum Coffee & Tea Maker does it all

some like coffee and some can’t live without tea. instead of having two machines serving up two different beverages, designer Sunny Ting Wai Wong has a better idea. he conceived a concept…