Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser

Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser
Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser | US$19.99 |

nobody knows what’s the lifestyle was like onboard the Death Star. all we know was that everyone in it were always on their toes, less they get choke by the dark lord, Vader. however, we suspect that if any of them had some laid back time for a cup of Earl Grey (or was it Vader Grey or perhaps, Galactic Breakfast?), the Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser would be the standard issue to enjoy a cuppa. this tea-appreciating, Star Wars contraption couldn’t be more straight forward: it features a stainless steel tea infuser fashioned after your beloved steel planet, the Death Star, that holds your favorite intergalactic loose tea leaves, connected by a stainless steel chain to a TIE Fighter on the other end for easy handling and retrieval. certainly a must have for any Star Wars fans or aspiring TIE Fighter pilot. this officially licensed Lucasfilm Collectible can be yours for just $19.99.

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