Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet Kettle: Force Not Included

Obviously, the Sith Lord himself, Darth Vader, doesn’t drink tea. In fact, he does not even ingest solid food. His life is dependant on the life-support armor that feeds his body with nutrient fluids. And so, clearly, this man needs no kettle, even it is one that is designed to look like his iconic helmet, […]

Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet Is Also Good As A Mood Lamp. Like, Who Knew?

Calling out to superheroes and villains wannabe. There is a new power glove in town that looks suspiciously like Thanos’ treasure space stones-holding Infinity Gauntlet. Oh wait because it is! Yeah. It is yet another movie merchandise based on the infamous Infinity Gauntlet and this time, this glove that pretty much drove Thanos to travel […]

This Poké Ball Won’t Hold Monsters, But It Sure Will Contain Your Lunch

The Pokémon fad may seems to be faded, but it really has not. I still see many people, young and old, filling out the parks every now and then to catch digital creatures lurking in the wild. Well, for these people, they are probably the ones feverish enough to want this: Poké Ball Lunch Case, […]

You Don’t Want To Bring This USB Hub When You Board A Plane

Life is just too short to be putting up with stupid people, ridiculous movies about cars flying from a building to another, and boring, plain Jane-looking USB hubs. I can’t tell you how avoid stupid people, but I can sure tell you how to avoid those movies (just don’t watch’em!) and as for the USB […]

Here Are Some Fallout Collectibles No Fans Should Live Without

The recently announced Fallout: 76 won’t be available till Fall, but already, news of its merchandise has already emerging, including our apple of our eyes: the Pip-Boy 2000 Mk Vi kit and now, we heard our all-time favorite geek store has a bunch of other Fallout stuff. Whether or not they are directly related to […]

If Superheroes Do BBQ, They Will Probably Use This BBQ Tool Set

I am not sure if superheroes like Batman, Captain America, or Wonder Woman do BBQ. I imagine that they not only do, but have a deep love for BBQ. After all, they are Americans aren’t they, and honestly, tell one true blue American who doesn’t love a good BBQ session? Probably none. If they do, […]

Any Mortal Is Worthy To Wield This Marvel Thor Mjolnir Hammer Tool Set

Thor sure knows how to work a hammer, but I bet that’s the only hammer he ever know how to use and it is certainly not for driving nails. While us, mortals, may not worthy enough to wield the mighty mythical hammer, home improvement-worthy sentient beings are sure worthy of the Marvel Thor Mjolnir Hammer […]

Alien Facehugger Snorkel Mask Because, Aliens Love The Sea?

Besides Google, ThinkGeek is perhaps the biggest prankster on April Fools’ day. This year is no exception and this particular ‘prank’ product really had us thinking: hey, you know what? It could work! The prank product in question is the Alien Facehugger Snorkel Mask. Yep. I know right. It really could work. I am not […]

Rick and Morty Portal: Inter-dimensional Travel Not Included

5 years, 3 seasons and 31 episodes on, sci-fi, adventure cartoon series Rick and Morty remains as popular as ever. At this point, if you are not a fan, you really should ask yourself why and if you are, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t slap an Officially Licensed Rick and Morty Portal Watch […]

Star Trek TNG Enterprise Bluetooth Speaker Is A Reality Now, Will Coax You To Sleep With Engine Noise Too

I can’t recall if we did feature the supposed sleep-inducing Star Trek TNG Enterprise NCC-1701-D when ThinkGeek dished it out as an April’s Fool prank. Anywho, its OK that we never did because, what once was an April’s Fool joke is now a reality. Not that, it is also a Bluetooth speaker now. So, Trekkies […]