Calling out to superheroes and villains wannabe. There is a new power glove in town that looks suspiciously like Thanos’ treasure space stones-holding Infinity Gauntlet. Oh wait because it is! Yeah. It is yet another movie merchandise based on the infamous Infinity Gauntlet and this time, this glove that pretty much drove Thanos to travel across the universe for the Infinity stones to decorate it (and subsequently, to erase half of the universe’s population) is a mood light.

Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Mood Lamp

But why just mood light? Come on. You know why, don’t you? Because, those Infinity Stones, while powerful when come together on the gauntlet, are only as bright as mood light gets. It does not have articulation or whatsoever. It is a freaking lamp, but a freaking cool one that, TBH, I am never tire of. Oh, you have another Infinity Gauntlet-based merchandise? Bring it on, baby.

Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Mood Lamp

Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Mood Lamp is an officially-licensed Avengers: Infinity War merchandise, exclusively available from ThinkGeek and GameStop. It features one white LED under each space stone embedded in its rotary-molded PVC body. It is powered by three AA batteries, but it can also be powered via USB with a 5V/1A micro USB cable (not included). It is not life-size, but at it is quite sizeable at 6 1/2” wide by 10” tall by 4 3/4” deep (roughly 165 x 254 x 120 millimeters).

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The Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Mood Lamp is available as we speak from ThinkGeek (we can’t find it on GameStop website, though) for $39.99. The affordable sticker is likely due to its non-wearable nature and also, it is also because of its inability to let you control the universe.

Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Mood Lamp

Images: ThinkGeek.

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