LEGO Avengers Tower (76269): It’s An Adult Collectors’ Avengers Tower That Packs A Whopping 31 Minifigures!

We have good news for adult fans of LEGO who lament the lack of a proper, collectible LEGO Avengers Tower. LEGO has just announced the LEGO Avengers Tower (76269) for adult collectors. That’s right, fans of Avengers scream, let it all out, and go all ga-ga because the Stark Tower-turned-The Avengers HQ in Manhattan has …

At Least Hawkeye Is Getting Its Own Chapter In Marvel’s Avengers Video Game

Hawkeye may not have his own standalone live-action movie or TV series like other superheroes, but at least he will see some actions in a major video game. Hawkeye, aka Clint Barton, will join Marvel’s Avengers video game with his own Operation: Hawkeye: Future Imperfect.