It does not matter which Iron Man suit from the MCU you pick. None will ever work in real life. Period. But there is one suit that is more impossible in real life than the rest and that’s the Iron Man Mark V aka Suitcase Armor… but that was what JLaservideo has made.

Real Iron Man Expandable Briefcase Suit

This man has, in fact, fabricated a “Real Iron Man Expandable Briefcase Suit” inspired by as seen in Iron Man 2. We can’t say it is exactly a briefcase. It looks more like a doctor’s bag, but hey, it works, or kind of.

More impressively is, IMHO, the entire suit is made of steel, as it should. JLaservideo’s “Real Iron Man Expandable Briefcase Suit” is presented collapsed down into a bag-size device and unfolds into a full suit, complete with lights, lasers, and flamethrower (ha! Take that Whiplash!).

Real Iron Man Expandable Briefcase Suit

With a little editing magic, this is the closest you can get to a real Mark V without CGI. While it is nothing like the movie’s, it was a brilliant attempt. You can watch the entire design and fabricating process, as well as the suit in action in the video below.

Images: YouTube (JLaservideo).

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