Coinciding with the release of the Evangelion x UCC Milk Coffee Can on the April 20, Ueshima Coffee Co. (or better known as UCC) is holding giveaway that fans could bag themselves a range of prizes. This is actually the second giveaway campaign, dubbed Limited EVA Goods Gift Campaign.

The prizes include a Rebuild of Evangelion NERV Folding Container, EVA can illustration T-shirt, and a complete EVA can illustration book.

UCC Limited EVA Goods Gift Campaign 2

The folding container is limited to 100 lucky people, while the All of UCC Milk Coffee Evangelion Project Original T-shirt” and the All of UCC Milk Coffee Evangelion Project Complete EVA Can Illustrations are limited to 130 and 770 lucky people, respectively. The t-shirt will go to 10 people each week over a period of 13 weeks.

To enter, fans will have to collect the serial number found on the campaign sticker on Evangelion UCC Milk Coffee, select the prize and enter the serial number on the campaign site. The result will be revealed instantly.

In addition, UCC will be selling the new Evangelion movie themed packaging for a case of 30 cans. Do note that there’s no guarantee that all 6 designs of the Evangelion x UCC Milk Coffee Can will be in the 30-pack case.

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Finally, UCC has setup an All UCC Evangelion Can virtual museum on its special website for fans to learn about this unique collaboration which started since 1997. The site will be available throughout the month of April.

UCC Evangelion 30-pack Case

Images: UCC.

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