Washable Mask Holder Loops

There’s a ton of tutorials on how to make your own face mask. But one Japanese bags and small leather goods maker, Kawanishikaban Products Co., Ltd., has came up with an ingenious way that lets you easily make a face mask and ensuring a continuous supply of it.

The product is called Washable Mask Holder Loops and as the name suggests, they are just ear loops with clasp of sort for holding on to whatever material of your choosing for the face mask.

Washable Mask Holder Loops

With the Washable Mask Holder Loops, you can use virtually any right size of cloth, including handkerchief, or even paper towel to easily make a face mask in matter of minutes.

Kawanishikaban Washable Mask Holder Loops is made of elastic band for the ear loops and features leather and metal hardware clasp. Yes. Leather! Because, one must also maintain the elegance even in a pandemic.

Kawanishikaban is already selling the Washable Mask Holder Loops on its web store for 1,500 yen plus tax (about $14). Not exactly cheap, considering they are just loops and you will still need to provide the face mask.

Anywho, if you are curious, you can check out the instructions of making the mask using the Washable Mask Holder Loops (in Japanese), or check out the Japanese video below. You don’t need to know Japanese language to understand. It is pretty straight forward, really.

Washable Mask Holder Loops

Images: Kawanishikaban Products Co., Ltd..