If you haven’t been paying attention to shoe customizer, Custom Kirby, I promise you that you will want to give him your full attention after seeing the Hydro Dipped Nike Air Force 1 Joker Design Shoes.

Believe or not, the pair of kicks custom graphics you see here is actually the result of hydro dipping. I know. These days, everyone is into hydro dipping Nike AF1, but man, this one is really impressive.

Hydro Dipped Nike Air Force 1 Joker Shoes

Come on. Tell me you are not impressed at all. And if you are (impressed) and want one, well then, here’s the good news. Custom Kirby is selling the Custom Hydro Dipped Nike Air Force 1 Joker Design Shoes on his website.

You will not be getting the one you see in the video though. Each pair of Hydro Dipped Nike Air Force 1 Joker Design Shoes is made to order which is a good thing because, you can be sure you get the size that fits you. Then again, if I were you, I probably won’t bear to wear this sweet kicks.

Skip ahead to witness Custom Kirby skillfully transfer the Joker hydrographic skillfully to a pair of white AF1. Or if you like, you can pick up a pair on customkirby.com for £190 (roughly $249).

Images: YouTube (Custom Kirby).

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