McFarlane The Joker Comedian Sketch Edition Figure Looks Like Joker Has Stepped Out From The Sketch Book!

This is an Entertainment Earth-exclusive McFarlane DC Multiverse The Joker Comedian Sketch Autograph Gold Label 7-Inch Scale Action Figure and it looks like The Joker has stepped right out of the pages of a black-and-white comic book. This mischievous mastermind brings his wicked grin to life in a monochromatic sketch-edition design that’s poised to cast …

Forget About Thom Browne Galaxy Z Flip, Here’s A Luxe Joker And Harley Quinn Edition

Samsung’s new folding screen smartphone, Galaxy Z Flip was announced just hours ago, but already, Russian maestro for luxing up gadgets is already pre-selling the luxe version. Not just any luxe version, mind you. It is the Samsung Z-Flip Joker & Harley Quinn Edition and boy, is it a looker!