Prime 1 Studio Punchline x The Joker Statues

Prime 1 Studio has recently revealed the DC comics Punchline and The Joker statues based on the concept design by DC Comics artist Jorge Jiménez. While they are two separate statues and sold as such, they are really meant to be displayed together.

Prime 1 Studio Punchline x The Joker Statues

Kicking off the pair is the Crown Prince of Crime, The Joker, presented here in the Museum Masterline Batman (Comics) The Joker Statue. Jiménez brings out the most sinister bits in this concept while Prime 1 Studio accurately presented it. The result is the villain, in his usual purple and green get-up, seated on its theater-themed throne.

The throne is just as cool as the statue, featuring film-related accouterments, like reel film canisters and cinema tickets. There is also a Cutie 1 Batman plushie on the foot, at a corner of the throne that further levels up the sinister scale of this statue.

Prime 1 Studio The Joker Statue

The Joker statue is available in Standard and Deluxe Bonus Version. Where the former features a right hand holding two “jokerangs” (basically, The Joker’s version of Batarang), and an open leg seated position, the latter clearly has a lot more going.

The deluxe bonus version has a swappable right hand which you can swap out to hold a Clown Mask or the villain’s trademark Joker Crane. In addition, the legs can be swapped out to have him seated cross-legged.

For those who pre-order the deluxe bonus version from Prime 1 Studio online store or authorized distributor, you will also receive a super cool bonus part: a swappable left hand holding a demonic-looking half-Batman mask, along with a 1 out of 500 limited edition hand-signed art prints by Jorge Jiménez.

Man, the half-mask thingy cranks The Joker’s sinister to the eleven. As if the statue isn’t already sinister enough.

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Museum Masterline Batman (Comics) The Joker Statue is available to order now for US$1,299 for the Standard Version and US$1,499 for the Deluxe Bonus Version.

Next up is Punchline, the villainess that filled the void left in Joker’s mad criminal organization when she left The Joker. The Museum Masterline Batman (Comics) Punchline Statue is also offered in two versions: Standard and Deluxe Bonus Version.

However, the bonuses are not as nearly as impressive as The Joker’s, IMHO. The standard version gets two swappable heads and a display stand for one head, while the Deluxe has three swappable heads with two display stands for the additional heads.

Punchline is presented standing on a Joker Hideout-themed base, complete with many small touches that offer an insight into her character. You can find details like TVs with broken screens, film reel canister, cinema tickets, and a Cutie 1 Harley Quinn Plushie, scattered around the stand and ending with the sound effect of laughter “ha ha ha” in physical form and in katakana (“ハハハ”).

Prime 1 Studio Punchline Statue

Furthermore, folks who pre-order the Deluxe Bonus Version from the Prime 1 Studio website or any authorized dealers will have one more swappable head along with 1 out of 500 limited edition hand-signed art prints by Jorge Jiménez.

If I can be honest, this makes buying the deluxe bonus version of The Joker a more logical choice if you can only afford one, since both the Standard and Deluxe Bonus Version of Punchline cost the same US$1,299 and US$1,499, respectively.

But you will want to get both if you a big fan of Punchline and/or is a completionist. Then again, just look at the two statues placed together. It is hard to say no to both.

Prime 1 Studio Punchline Statue

Anyhoo, regardless of if you get one or both, you ought to know these statues demand quite some space – height-wise. The Joker statue measures 53 cm (21 inches) tall and the Punchline statue towers at a cool 85 cm (33 inches). Punchline is available to order too.

Images: Prime 1 Studio [JP].