Prime 1 Studio Evangelion Entry Plug Interior Statues: LCL Not Included

In Evangelion, the Entry Plug is filled with a breathable liquid that will allow the pilot to sync with the EVA unit. The liquid, called LCL, is said to smell “like blood” which shouldn’t come as surprise since it is the blood of the Second Angel, Lilith. Ewwwww… I know right. It is kind of …

Prime 1 Studio Museum Masterline Batman (Comics) Punchline And The Joker Statues

Prime 1 Studio has recently revealed the DC comics Punchline and The Joker statues based on the concept design by DC Comics artist Jorge Jiménez. While they are two separate statues and sold as such, they are really meant to be displayed together.

Shin Evangelion EVA Units Given The Uber Cute “Stuffed Toy” Look

Evangelion is never associated with cute. If anything, it explores the darkest side of humanity with a religious undertone. It is definitely not kids’ stuff, let alone cute. That said, it is hard for me to accept the so-called “Q” version of its characters, but here they are anyway, the Cutie 1 Shin Evangelion Complete …

Beast Wars Optimus Primal and Megatron Gets The Stuffed Toy Look

Prime 1 Studio is a studio that produces life-like popular culture statues. On the other spectrum is Cutie 1, a studio that does the same, but in a funner way. The Cutie 1 Beast Wars Convoy (aka Optimus Primal) and Megatron are some of those fun products.