If you are more excited over the new, super sleek Ultraman than the 60s version, then this new statue from Prime 1 Studio based on the upcoming Shin Ultraman movie is going to please you.

Prime 1 Studio Shin Ultraman Statue Bonus Ver

That’s of course only if you like statues. If posability is what you are after, you will have to look elsewhere. Towering at an impressive 57 cm (22.4″) tall and with a 41 cm by 36 cm (16″ x 14″) footprint, the Prime 1 Studio Premium Masterline Shin Ultraman Bonus Version Statue is really a sight to behold.

While I am not quite impressed by the pose chosen by Prime 1 Studio, the diorama of the new Ultraman standing triumphant over a (very dead) Gabora more than made up for it. Also making up for it is, of course, the new design that was based on the original concept by Tori Narita.

Prime 1 Studio Shin Ultraman Statue Bonus Ver

For those who don’t already know. The original design has a fin that was limited to the head, and there was no color timer. Since there is no real person in a suit, the new Ultraman also dispenses with the need for a tiny opening on each eye previously required for a suited actor to see through.

The lack of a real actor in a rubber suit means there are no inevitable creases and folds that would have come with a rubber suit. This allows for a more alien-like physique (i.e. longish and super lean, like so many science fiction novels and movies have imagined aliens to be).

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In addition, the statue further touts the most realistic rendering of the shiny, silver suit, and the painters even took the pain to add a slight patina to select parts to further boost the realism. Completing the packaging is the requisite light-up feature, the LED illuminated eyes:

Prime 1 Studio Shin Ultraman Statue Bonus Ver

With the Bonus Version, you will also be treated to an SSSP Shin Ultraman Title Plaque. The product is made mainly of polystone and weighs 10.1 kilograms (22.3 pounds).

The Prime 1 Studio Shin Ultraman Bonus Ver (US$999) is open for pre-order with delivery planned for July-October 2023.

Prime 1 Studio Shin Ultraman Statue Bonus Ver
The SSSP Shin Ultraman Title Plaque.
Prime 1 Studio Shin Ultraman Statue Bonus Ver

Images: Prime 1 Studio.

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