Singapore-based maker of handcrafted statues, XM Studios, has just introduced its first-ever Ultraman release that fans of Ultraman (with deep pockets) will not want to miss.

XM Studios Ultraman (C Type) Statue

For its first Ultraman release, XM Studios have chosen to go with Ultraman in the Type C suit as seen from episodes 30 onwards, and boy, is it a very imposing collectible.

The XM Studios Ultraman (C Type) Statue towers at a cool 60 cm (about 24 inches or a little under 2 feet) tall and has a space-devouring footprint of no less than 40 cm by 40 cm (about 16 by 16 inches, or 1.3 by 1.3 feet).

The design of the statue was conceptualized and interpreted by XM Studios with acclaimed sculptor Yoshiki Fujimoto.

XM Studios Ultraman (C Type) Statue

The statue stays true to the man-in-suit aesthetics seen in the original TV series, faithfully recreating the texture of the latex suit and the visible suit creases on the shoulder, neck, elbow, knee joints, and boots.

The statue further boasts sequential lighting on the eyes and the color timer. Also, each eye is complete with a tiny slit/opening as found on the original suit for the actor to see through.

As with all XM Studios’ creations, each statue was handcrafted and hand-painted.

XM Studios Ultraman (C Type) Statue

What makes this statue so collectible is not only the sheer size and crazy accurate depiction of the superhero of gigantic proportion; it is also the accompanying diorama.

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The statue features Ultraman in his Type C suit overlooking a diorama of the base of the Science Special Search Party aka Science Special Investigation Team aka Science Patrol, with the team’s Jet VTOL ready for launch.

The base is partially surrounded by some greeneries and a road. The entire set, the statue, the base, and the surrounding, looked like a scene straight out of the original 60s TV series.

No doubt I am getting a shot of nostalgia just looking at this statue. That said, if you are a true fan of the giant alien superhero, the XM Studios Ultraman (C Type) Statue is a must-have.

But, as hinted earlier, only if you have the financial muscle to flex because you are looking at a cool 1,399 Singapore dollars for a unit, which works out to be around a little over a thousand bucks (about US$1,029) based on the current going rate.

That’s not including the shipping and handling for this hefty work of art (10-12 kilograms, or 22-26.5 lbs), btw, which is about another 360-380 Singapore dollars (about US$265-280) to the U.S.

And yes, it does ship to the U.S. as well as the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, most countries in Europe, and more.

All images courtesy of XM Studios.

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