Ultraman Appearance Pose Ver.2 Vinyl Figure

Shonen Ric celebrates the 55th anniversary of the first TV broadcast of Ultraman (which should be last year in 2021, btw) with a fixed pose but totally awesome vinyl figure.

Ultraman Appearance Pose Ver.2 Vinyl Figure

The figure, Ultraman (C-Type) Appearance Pose Ver.2, is based on Ultraman (C Type) (aka ウルトラマンCタイプ Urutoraman C Taipu) iconic pose when the supersized alien superhero revealed itself from its human host body.

The Ultraman (C-Type) Appearance Pose Ver.2 is, as the name implies, based on the third suit, Type C, used from episode 30 until the end of the series. Also as denoted by the product name, this is the second version.

This particular figure is based on the prototype large monster series Ultraman (C Type) appearance pose from 2015 but with more details like wrinkles. The mold is, however, completely new and sculpted to resemble the superhero’s appearance in the TV series.

When displayed with the included pedestal, the 27 cm tall vinyl figure’s eyes and color timer can light up.

The only downside is, it is a statue which means fixed pose. But it will make for a perfect companion to the sunset Ultraman from Return of Ultraman.

Pre-order for the figure is open now and will close on February 28, 1700 hours, Japan time.

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Shipping is expected to happen sometime in June 2022. The asking price is 15,400 yen (about US$134 based on today’s going rate).

Ultraman Appearance Pose Ver.2 Vinyl Figure

Images: Shonen Ric [JP].