Here’s a video of YouTuber David504 playing a quadruple neck bass guitar. Now, the thing is having two, three, or even four-neck bass guitar shouldn’t be an alien thing, although they are rare and really, unnecessary, but David504’s Quadruple Neck Bass is, ermmm, slightly different, or weird, even. Why? Because, while it has four necks, it has just four strings which means, there is only one string per neck. Wait, what??? This begs the question: is four-neck better than one? Does it makes it sounds better? Or was it just a test of a bassist’s finger skills? I am not sure.

As heard from the video (which you can find embedded after this post), it sounds like any other bass with the exception that it looks a lot more difficult to handle than, you know, regular one-neck bass that has four strings strung next to each other in close proximity. It does look cool though, but we can’t help but to wonder the cost of it because, instead of a couple of pick ups, now has four individual pick ups and the extra material required to construct those extra necks.

Then again, that’s one good way to create a viral video. David504’s video was posted on the 18 in March, but already it has racked up over 600K views, with nearly 40K likes. Well, it is not viral, viral, but enough, considering that’s a week’s report card. Skip ahead for the said video.

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Image: YouTube.

via Geekologie.

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