The Obama Kill Osama Collectible Figure

The Obama Kill Osama Collectible Figure
(photos: M.I.C Gadget) The Obama Kill Osama Collectible Figure | US$129.00 |

ten years on after 9/11, U.S. delivered the good news that they have eliminated the most wanted terrorist in the world. the world breathed a sigh of relieve. though we may not be directly affected by the unfortunate event, we too, felt like a stone was being lifted from our mind. similarly, we may not be directly involve in the whole anti-terrorism campaign (aka the hunt for Osama) but the least we could do is to remind ourselves of the triumph of the human spirits and The Obama Kill Osama Collectible Figure here could be one those objects that will serve as that reminder, albeit in a more cheeky way. this particular collectible features the U.S. President Obama with a foot over the dead Osama and a rifle over his shoulder. the world’s most wanted terrorist, on the other hand, lies dead with headshot, white eyed with tongue sticking out. other features include scenic display base, realistic expression and hand-painted head sculpts. The Obama Kill Osama Collectibles has a limited production run of 300 pieces and cost $129 a pop. click on the above image for larger view.

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