If you consider yourself a prepper and travels quite bit, well then you will want to check out the Visivo x ARAMID ARMOUR Billfold Wallet from leather goods maker Filippo Morato.

Visivo x ARAMID ARMOUR Billfold Wallet

Billed as the strongest wallet in the world, the Visivo x ARAMID ARMOUR Billfold Wallet boasts ARAMID ARMOUR sandwiched between the beautiful vegetable tanned leather.

This ARAMID ARMOUR has a tightly wound, 3-part structure that is said to be more than 5x stronger than steel and comparable only to high-grade Kevlar. The result is a super strong wallet that is also heat resistant to 500 degrees Celsius (932 Fahrenheit), all while remaining a super slim.

Visivo x ARAMID ARMOUR Billfold Wallet

As far as a wallet is concerned, it has pockets for everything that needs to be in a wallet and then some.

It features a cash drawer (bill/banknote slot) that fits a range of current from around the world, an ID card window, card pull tab for easy retrieval of cards that are in the center, four internal card slots for a variety of cards, an extra hidden slot, and a slot on the outside for a frequently used card that requires quick access.

Furthermore, hidden in the cash drawer are slots that will fit a SIM card, pin, micro SD card, protected by RFID secured lining. For a person who brings a SIM, along with the pin and micro SD card, this really won me over. Storing those tiny accessories while keeping them within reach is gargantuan task now solved by this handsome wallet.

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If you are sold by the idea, you may want to consider picking up one from Kickstarter by backing for a product.

The campaign is well over its funding goal and your pledge of £67 or more (around US$91) for a Visivo x ARAMID ARMOUR Billfold Wallet is a pre-order which will be fulfilled sometime in July 2021.

All images courtesy of Filippo Morato.

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