This Is The Strongest Wallet In The World, It Has Pockets For Everything And Then Some

If you consider yourself a prepper and travels quite bit, well then you will want to check out the Visivo x ARAMID ARMOUR Billfold Wallet from leather goods maker Filippo Morato.

IPPINKA Wood Wallets Are Super Stylish, But It Can Stash Just Ten Cards

Up to this point, wallets are mostly made of leather (faux or genuine), textiles or PVC, and for a good reason. Those materials are flexible enough. But the real question here is? Do we need flexibility at all? Perhaps some do and some don’t. For those who don’t, you are in luck because, there are […]

Cheeseburger Wallet: Putting Your Money Where The Burger Is

Fun wallet. It is rarity before and it is a rarity now. The most you get out of so-called fun wallets are those with funny images – if you can even find those. But not this. Not the Deliciousness Burger Wallet by the rad folks over at Toddland (stylized as toddland, btw). This is not […]

Here’s A Stylish Origami Wallet Inspired By The 89’ Porsche 911

Can you imagine a wallet in the shape of a Porsche 911? It could be a possibility, but it will be likely a made-for-kids wallet. Not the Type 964 Porsche 911-inspired Origami Wallet, though. Its association with the legendary sports car may not be immediately obvious. It does, however, inherits the lines and details of […]

The Phone Charging Wallet Serves Its Purpose At An Affordable Price

Beneath the nondescript, fatherly-like looking wallet lies a couple of nifty features. First, it has the power to recharge your mobile device, and second, it has RFID blocking function. Both features are something one probably never expect from such a, ermmm, traditional looking wallet. In any case, The Phone Charging Wallet is NOT the first […]

The Micro Wallet Will Save Your Pocket In 2 Ways, Benefits Artists Too

Whether or not you are into skinny jeans/pants or not, you will appreciate the compactness minimalist wallets brought about. I am not going to lie; I did not until a few years ago when I started with Stitch & Locke. I was hooked, not just to the S&L’s, but minimal wallet as a whole. It […]

Look. Prada Is Selling Paperclip Now And It Costs $185 A Pop

What is it with the fashion industry that designers have to draw inspiration from everyday, and often cheap, items? Perhaps, we are seeing a design apocalypse where ideas are running thin? Whatever it is, we have a feeling it will not stop and the latest to fall into this cheap-turn-opulent design fad is this giant-ass […]

Zillion Wallet Is Sleek, Slim, And It Charges And Find Your Phone Too

I love what I see when I first lay eyes on Zillion Wallet, a wallet which claims to be the “world’s smartest, slimmest wallet,” but the truth be told, the market is saturated with minimal wallets. If the market is saturated, it is saturated and so, it won’t help whether or not it boasts unique […]

You Can Wirelessly Charge This Wallet That Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

Have you gotten into the minimalist wallet bandwagon? No? That’s probably a good thing because your phone could use a little backup juice. But why is it a good thing? And why has it got to do with power bank? Well, because of Poqit. Poqit is no minimal wallet. In fact, it is not much […]