There are many products you can buy to satisfy your desire to have a piece (or many pieces) of the aviation industry in your humble abode. There is the jet engine fan ceiling fan, an ejection seat chair, and a repurposed Business Class throne for air traveling enthusiasts – just to name a few. Now, this passion of yours will not be limited to just your home; it can go with you when you are out and about.

Tocco Toscano x Singapore Airlines Collection

Folks, meet the Tocco Toscano x Singapore Airlines Collection, a collection of small goods created by upcycling life vests and seat belt buckles from retired commercial aircraft. And it is not just by reputation that says these small goods are made from expired life vests. Aesthetically, they proved that they were once life vests – thanks to the text/info and graphics that were found on the life vests that have found their way to the small goods.

A life vest isn’t huge but you’d be surprised the number of products Tocco Toscano managed to make from a single vest. From a single vest, Tocco Toscano can make a mobile phone bag, a bifold wallet, a coaster, an everyday pouch, a long wallet, and a wristlet clutch.

Tocco Toscano x Singapore Airlines Collection

Obviously, there are other materials used to make these awesome-looking small goods, and that includes, but is not limited to, apple leather which has been upcycled from, believe it or not, apple waste. How’s that for sustainability? In addition to the aforementioned small goods, you can also find bag straps made out of jetliner seatbelts.

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If you are interested, you may find Tocco Toscano x Singapore Airlines Collection selling on Tocco Toscano’s website with a starting price of S$37 (about US$27).

Tocco Toscano x Singapore Airlines Collection
Tocco Toscano x Singapore Airlines Collection

Images: Mikeshouts/Tocco Toscano.

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