Whether you miss flying because of the pandemic or never had a chance to be in the business class, I am sure this refurbished business class seat plucked out of the Singapore Airlines business class section will tickle your fancy. That’s right, folks. A real business class seat from a passenger jet is up for grabs for anyone who can afford one.

The Towkay Chair by Ipse Ipsa Ipsum

Singapore Airlines is selling the award-winning Singapore Airlines Business Class seat that once served as a spacious and luxurious recliner in one of its passenger jetliners on its online shop.

The chair has been refurbished by a Singapore-based collaborative design studio, ipse ipsa ipsum, with new leather and incorporates ipse ipsa ipsum’s very own unique Peranakan-inspired handcrafted bone in-lay.

The Towkay Chair by Ipse Ipsa Ipsum

The seat can be further customized based on your preference. You can pick the leather, the bone inlay design, and whatnot, but it will take 16-20 weeks for the artisans to work the magic.

Each seat comes with a plaque that details the aircraft, its registration number, and whatnot, which seat was taken from. It will also bear the details of how much air time it had before it was retired.

Singapore Airlines said the chair is limited edition, though it is not clear how many are there to go around.

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Upon receiving the sale confirmation, the buyer will be invited to a session with ipse ipsa ipsum’s design consultant to iron out the customization details. That said, you’d have to be in Singapore to buy this chair.

This begs the question: are there enough rich people in Singapore who are also super aviation geeks to be snapping up this 6,000 Singapore dollar (about US$4,427) chair?

Images: KrisShop.

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