Nissan Conceptualized Esports Gaming Chairs Inspired By Its Cars

Have it ever cross your mind that what if Nissan did design gaming chairs? Probably not. Like who on Earth would even think of that. Oh, wait. What? Nissan has signed partnerships with two esports gaming teams? OK. Never mind. Yeah. Nissan does want a piece of this “fastest-growing activity on the planet” after all.

The Great Grey Shark Chair Is No Baby Shark, But Cool Nevertheless

Baby Shark is all the rage now. But does it has anything do with The Great Grey Shark Chair? Nope. Nothing, except for they are both about shark. While your kids dance to impossibly catchy children song, this one here is a functional furniture that lets you kid cosy on. Handmade by Etsy seller Reroom […]

Go Chair Is An Outdoor Chair That Redefines Portability And Foldability

When we think outdoor adventure. We think about the usual suspects of camping gear like BBQ gear, tents, hammocks, and whatnot, but one thing we never thought of are seats. Yes. We are talking about chairs. Unless you are OK with the dirt and the associated uncomfortable experience, you don’t need a chair. Otherwise you […]

So, Yes. Supreme Is Going To Sell You A PVC Inflatable Armchair

Feeling nostalgic? If you don’t, American pop culture brand, Supreme, is giving you a reason to with the Supreme PVC Inflatable Armchair. Yes. You heard that right. Supreme is poking into every aspect of your life which now apparently includes this inflatable chair that will take you right back to the good’ol 60s. The Supreme […]

If Darth Vader Played Video Games, This Would Be The Chair He’d Use

Whether you are slugging out on the virtual battlefield in Star Wars Battlefront, or reliving the good’ol Star Wars Trilogy at home, you will want to do it in Imperial style with the Star Wars Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Gaming Chairs. Why? Because, Darth Vader and Stormtrooper. Duh. The two chairs shared the same features, […]

Bodyfriend Wants Superheroes And Lamborghini To Massage Your Back

If massage chairs have never pique your interest because of the (boring) stereotype designs, then perhaps Bodyfriend may be able to change your mind. Not only has Bodyfriend shake up the traditional market of massage with its innovative designs, but its bold ambitious to capture the two of the world’s biggest markets, the U.S.A. and […]

Thermaltake Takes Cool Seat Too Literally By Embedding Fans In The Seat

When you are in competitive gaming, sitting on the hot seat is a good thing, but not quite if the seat is literally hot after hours of sitting on it. So, if you rather not have a heated bum, then Thermaltake X Comfort Air Gaming Chair is the seat you want your ass to rest […]

Bookcase Chair Is A Clever Furniture For Space-starve Living Space

If standing up and walking a few feet to grab book to chill out in your favorite throne is as much of a chore as going to the down to your local library, then you should really consider hooking up with the Luxury Club Library Bookcase Chair. The Luxury Club Library Bookcase Chair is exactly […]

Chewbacca Bean Bag Because, It Is Cool As Hoth And So Why Not?

Star Wars’ character Chewbacca is not lacking of fans who he would love to say “uughghhhgh huuguughghg huurh” to (which means “I love you all,” btw), but I am not 100 percent sure if Chewie would love the idea of his worshipers placing their bums on his head, or in this case, his mouth, as […]

Custom Darth Vader Armchair Lets You Chill Like The Sith Lord

The last we heard, being on the dark side was never relaxing, but in the event you do find the time to chill amidst all the chaos and hopeless Stormtrooper shootings, well, then here’s the throne you may want to relax on. Created by Etsy seller DSDStudio, The Dark Side Armchair, as it is called, […]