IKEA x Swedish House Mafia Turntable And Furniture Announced

IKEA is more than a flat-pack furniture brand. In fact, that isn’t news anymore. The only question now is, “what’s next?” Well, next is this: the IKEA x Swedish House Mafia Record Player.

Achilles Wearable Mobile Seat: Squat To Be Seated

The wearable chair offers much-needed relief for workers who need to work standing for hours on end. The Achilles Wearable Mobile Seat by Camille Ringebach you see here is a low-tech solution that also serves a similar purpose but for workers who need to be in an almost squatting position, such as the vineyard workers.

IKEA x WSL KÅSEBERGA Collection: Surf Culture-inspired Products

Back in 2019, IKEA and World Surf League (WSL) announced a collaboration. Fast forward to 2022, IKEA and WSL are ready to bring the resulting products of the collaboration to the market.

Evangelion e: Project x GReddy Gaming Chair

As far as ergonomic seat goes, nothing beats the racing seats found in race cars. And it was with this notion, the first gaming chairs were born in 2006. While they were essentially racing seats on wheels, it turns out to be a winning formula that has been copied by almost every single gaming chair maker …

Razer Teamed Up With Hello Kitty And Friends For A Collection Of Gaming Accessories

While Dr. Martens and Igloo Coolers have Hello Kitty fans’ outdoor adventure covered, Razer wants to have Kitty introverts – specifically, gamers – covered too.

Singapore Airlines Is Selling Repurposed Business Class Seats

Whether you miss flying because of the pandemic or never had a chance to be in the business class, I am sure this refurbished business class seat plucked out of the Singapore Airlines business class section will tickle your fancy. That’s right, folks. A real business class seat from a passenger jet is up for …

Razer Introduces Haptic Feedback Gaming Chair And A Gaming Desk Concept

Razer’s concepts used to get us pretty pumped. But after so many concepts like the Project Christine, Project Valarie, Razer Eracing Simulator Concept, and more recently, Project Brooklyn not materializing, we are less than enthusiastic about Razer’s concepts.

Razer X Genshin Impact Gaming Accessories, Including A Paimon-Themed Gaming Chair

These Razer x Genshin Impact gaming-related products may not grant you the power of Diluc but they will definitely announce your fandom for this highly popular RPG.

Kata Is A Designer Chair That Is Sustainable, Featuring 3D Knit Technology

This is Kata designed by Altherr Désile Park, the first solid wood lounge chair from Arper. It is a prove that designer chairs can be sustainable too. Unlike some products, sustainability is not an afterthought with Kata; it is a core impetus of the design itself.