Tocco Toscano Teamed Up Singapore Airlines To Turn Expired Life Vests Into Small Goods

There are many products you can buy to satisfy your desire to have a piece (or many pieces) of the aviation industry in your humble abode. There is the jet engine fan ceiling fan, an ejection seat chair, and a repurposed Business Class throne for air traveling enthusiasts – just to name a few. Now, …

Louis Vuitton Lock It Earrings Are Inspired By Padlock And Padlock Key

If you haven’t already noticed, there is a disturbing trend of designer labels turning everyday items into luxury jewelry. How is it disturbing, you ask? Well, because it, IMHO, may be a sign of creativity apocalypse. Designers have run out of ideas.

Weird, Weird World Of Fashion Accessories Include A US$700 Clothespin Earring, A US$520 Ball-chain Choker, And More

If you think Tiffany selling a thousand-dollar tin can or $400+ reusable straw is ridiculous, well then you haven’t seen it all yet. Me too. I thought I have seen it all but that’s until I started to get to know the Japanese label AMBUSH. Man, this brand certainly has a lot of quirky fashion …

Loungefly Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Makeup Brush Holder

The Child from Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian is 50 years old and yet, he is still looking like, well, a baby. For those who don’t already know, 50 is indeed still a baby age for Yoda’s species (which name is unrecorded, btw). Us, humans, can’t look like a kid at 50, but you know what …

Tote Bag With Automatic Light Up Interior Is Possibly The Best Thing To Happen To A Tote Bag

Ladies who carry a tote bag will understand the eternal frustration of fishing things out from the seemingly deep abyss of a tote bag. With the Nalphi Light-up Luxury Tote Bag, however, it won’t be the case – thanks to the integrated, automatic interior light that lights up when you open the bag.