If you think Tiffany selling a thousand-dollar tin can or $400+ reusable straw is ridiculous, well then you haven’t seen it all yet. Me too. I thought I have seen it all but that’s until I started to get to know the Japanese label AMBUSH. Man, this brand certainly has a lot of quirky fashion accessories that will make you laugh out loud.

AMBUSH Clothespin Earrings And Other Accessories

Perhaps the most famous of all would be the AMBUSH Clothespin Earring that is, well, an earring design to look exactly like a regular clothespin. At least the Clothespin earring has some redesign to allow it to pierce the ear.

There are two other Clothespin-based fashion accessories that are literally clothespins. There is the nobo clip earring that is pretty much the regular clothespin clipping on the ear (albeit clearly not as painful as an actual clothespin) and then there is the nobo peg clip, which is not for the ear but still pretty much a regular clothespin.

AMBUSH Clothespin Earrings And Other Accessories

If using clothespins as earrings and/or other purposes other than keeping clothes from flying off the clothesline or keeping freshly glued shoes together is not enough to raise eyebrows, then perhaps the price would.

The AMBUSH Clothespin Earring (note: singular) cost US$702 and so is the clip-on version while the peg clip is going for a tad “affordable” US$438.

AMBUSH Clothespin Earrings And Other Accessories

Clothespin is not only AMBUSH’s spin on regular items. The Japanese label is also selling Safety Pin Single Earring (US$187-US$467), Safety Pin Bracelet (US$810-US$880) and Safety Pin Link Necklace (US$935), an engraved zip-tie ring (US$445), and a variety of fashion accessories like a choker, necklace, bracelet, and whatnot, based on, believe it or not, ball-chain (US$395-US$620).

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Oh, wait, there is an earring that is literally a padlock (US309-US$$315) and a padlock-detail necklace (US$340) that is literally a string with a padlock for the pendant.

AMBUSH Clothespin Earrings And Other Accessories

I know. My head is full of question marks now too. Like, what the hell is going on??? Then again, I guess if you are filthy rich, you can buy whatever you want even if it looks ridiculous to commoners like us.

AMBUSH Clothespin Earrings And Other Accessories

Images: AMBUSH.

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