serious cocktail lovers expect a shot or two of their favorite alcoholic concoction for just about every events or occasions, from celebrating the winning of their favorite football team to chilling out after a hard day’s work to a simple get-together at your humble abode. therein lies the problem, you don’t have a mixologist at disposal in your home and you probably can’t mix a consistent drink each and every time, let alone remembering the myriad of mixes. the solution? the Monsieur Robotic Bartender. this classy piece of home gadget is not just any robotic bartender – it is one that has artificial intelligence built into and it will learn your habits such as your favorite drinks, offering you a celebratory drink when your favorite sports team won the game, and even treating you to a double shot cocktail when it detects you have a hard day at work (by learning your come home habit, so don’t be too creeped out yet).

the real kicker here is, it will be another piece of device that can be inducted into your home automation system via Bluetooth, Zigbee, or WiFi and it is connected to Monsieur’s cloud-based servers to be constantly updated with new cocktail updates and theme packages (i.e. drinks recipes). on the hardware aspect, it uses an Android tablet as the interface for browsing and ordering the drink and the integration with Android and iOS devices allows drinks to be ordered wirelessly from across the room. just remember to place a cup there. in any case, an ultrasonic sensor is in place to detect the presence of the cup and the machine will only dispense the chosen drink on if there is a cup there. a sophisticated microcontroller act as the ‘brain’ of the Monsieur that controls all aspect of the machine including the peristaltic pumps, sensors and more, ensuring that it will deliver the perfect concoction each and every time. the machine will of course, let you know what are the ingredients needed and also alert you via text message or email the ingredients are running low.

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the Monsieur Robotic Bartender was a successfully funded campaign on Kickstarter, which ended last month, but for those who missed it, you can still pre-order this intelligent robotic bartender for a special price of $3,999 from Monsieur website. delivery is expected to be in May 2014. check out an informative video below to learn more about the Monsieur Robotic Bartender.

Monsieur Robotic Bartender

Monsieur via Luxury Launches

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