Not Everyone Will Be Amused By The Coronavirus Ice Cube Mold Tray

Not going to lie. I was genuinely surprised to see this on It’s an ice cube tray. Well, not exactly “cube” per se because, the mold is spherical with spikes resembling the nefarious virus mankind is battling now. Not exactly the most pleasant thing to have. But hey, while we are keep ourselves safe, […]

Watch Out, Small Space Autonomous Robotic Bartender Is Almost Here

Trade by trade, humans’ jobs are slowly getting replaced by robots. We have seen it happening to jobs including stuntman, pole dancers, burger flipping, sports coaching, and bartender. Speaking bartender, there will be new robotic bartender that is even more sophisticate coming to market in 2019. Called Yanu, by Estonia-based Robolab, it will be more […]

Rolls-Royce Creates A Luxurious Cocktail Hamper, Wants $46,328 For It

If you drive a Rolls-Royce, chances are you are up for the finer things in life. Finer things such as a good class of cocktail, perhaps? And if so, you will be elated, if overwhelmingly impressed, by the British luxury car maker’s Cocktail Hamper. While it is called a ‘cocktail hamper’, it is really a […]

You Can Create Crystal Clear Ice Balls with This Dual-Chambered Ice Tray

Looking to dazzle your guests during your at-home cocktail party? If so, you probably can start with the ice in their drinks. Instead of the usual cubes or rocks, you can create some super cool crystal clear ice balls with the Polar Ice Tray from an outfit called U-Cube Designs. The product doesn’t quite say […]

Somabar Robotic Bartender Will Concoct Your Favorite Mix in Seconds

Despite being called a robotic bartender, the Somabar looks nothing robotic, which is a good thing because the last thing we want is to have Sonny hanging around our kitchen countertop. The Somabar is the latest automated smart mixologist to come onto the market and like the few robotic bartenders we have seen so far, […]

Mantry Craft Cocktail Kit: American Artisan Mixers for Your Home

The wonder of cocktails are, there are virtually no end to the mixes you can concoct, which is why we always welcome any mixer that comes onto the market promising “top shelf taste”, such as this kit coming from Mantry, a small New York-based outfit that ships select American artisan food crate to subscribers. Like […]

Craft Your Own Bitters Kit Lets You Make Your Own Bitters With A Heavy Dose Of Style

more often than not, serious cocktail drinkers will venture beyond what their local bars can offer. like building a kit car, which you car customized to your needs as the build progresses, by creating your own concoction, you are empowered to create the unique taste that tickles your taste bud and that, my friend, usually […]

This Is Broquet’s Take Of The Moscow Mule Cocktail, Lovely Copper Mugs Included

if you love cocktail, then you would have know or at least heard about the Moscow Mule, a buck or mule cocktail derived from a concoction of vodka, ginger beer, and lime, served in copper mug signature to this drink. not surprisingly, the original Moscow Mule was invented in the U.S. east coast in the […]

Apollo 70 Airstream Land Yacht Mobile Bar

looking to party at just about anywhere? then we reckon the Apollo 70 Airstream Land Yacht Mobile Bar will be right up your alcoholic alley. no kidding. this is the mobile bar that any hardcore party organizers would love to have. instead serving its purpose as a family camper, UK-based Apollo 70 Airstream Bar and Catering…

Toniiq Ultra Premium Hangover Prevention

hangover. who doesn’t have them after a serious night of intoxication? like all things in life, we want the good stuff and not the after effects and this is why career party animals need Toniiq (pronounce as ‘tonic’). sure, there are tons of cures for hangover, ranging from the traditional to the modern ‘medicine’, but they are after…