looking to party at just about anywhere? then we reckon the Apollo 70 Airstream Land Yacht Mobile Bar will be right up your alcoholic alley. no kidding. this is the mobile bar that any hardcore party organizers would love to have. instead of serving its purpose as a family camper, UK-based Apollo 70 Airstream Bar and Catering goes the opposite: by turning the shiny Airstream Land Yacht into a full-service bar on wheels, well… it is not self-propelled though, but still, it is awesome on any given level. like the outfit itself, the Apollo 70 Airstream Land Yacht Mobile Bar is equally mysterious. little is known about it except that these dudes are the pros in partying (actually that’s our best guess) and this super cool, alcohol-loaded trailer with a 70s vibe is part of the firm’s bar and catering business, which means it ain’t for sale. what a bummer.

Apollo 70 Airstream Land Yacht Mobile Bar

it is, however, available for your booking which will include a team to serve your guests, or you can choose to book the Apollo 70 by itself and provide your own team. your choice, but only if you reside in the U.K. whatever your preference is, the company promised “a 70s retro platform to enhance, excite and entertain.” along with the trailer, the company has a variety of beverages – ranging from champagne to cocktails to local beers or beers from around the world – to offer and there are snacks and gourmet food too cos’ what’s a cocktail extravaganza without some sweet Belgium chocolates? all you have to do is ask and get ready to pay, while this hardworking party organizer will pull them together for you. so the next time you fancy throwing an Austin Power-like party, give these folks a ring. i am sure the Apollo 70 will be a perfect fit. groovy.

Apollo 70 via The Awesomer

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