you don’t need to be a field worker to appreciate what the DELL Latitude Rugged Extreme Laptops have to offer. seriously, if you are paranoia about what drops, dust and water would do to your frail laptop, then you should really consider a ruggedized mobile computing device like the DELL Latitude Rugged Extreme. why? because it is built with folks who work in punishing conditions in mind, which means it is built to stand up to hazards such as dust, moisture, drops, vibration – you name it. it sports a ultra-polymers and magnesium alloy construction to resist impacts, sealed doors and compression gaskets to keep the data safe from the elements, while fourth-generation QuadCool thermal management ensures continual performance at high temperatures. combining that with Latitude’s proven track record, you have a capable mobile device that could easily transits from the boardroom to the field.

DELL Latitude Rugged Extreme Laptops

two models will be available: the Latitude 14 and Latitude 12. the former is equipped with the latest Intel Core processor, up to 512GB of SSD, up to 16GB of RAM and a 6 or 9-cell battery for at least 12 hours of usage. the smaller 12 on the other hand, features an industry’s first rugged “flip-hinge” convertible display, allowing the device to use in a tablet form in and out of the field. it also sports an 8MP camera with flash, in addition to a Full HD webcam with privacy shutter, and a resistive multi-touch display that works even with gloves on. common features include a sun-light viewable display, a sealed and customizable “RGB” backlit keyboard with incognito mode, plus the usual ports and connectivity with mobile broadband and dedicated GPS being offered as options.

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the DELL Latitude Rugged Extreme Laptops will be available in May, starting at $3,499 and $3,649 for the Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme and Latitude 12 Rugged Extreme, respectively. yes. the 12-inch is pricer and we all know why, don’t we?

DELL Latitude Rugged Extreme Laptops

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