Razer has introduced “For Gamers, By Gamers” gaming peripherals for gamers. Do you know, there’s a brand that is “For Developers, By Developers” computer peripheral too? If you are a developer who is just starting out, you probably have not heard of Happy Hacking Keyboard, or HHKB, but you really should.

Happy Hacking Keyboard For Developers

Happy Hacking Keyboard is to developers like Razer BlackWidow is to gamers. While gaming keyboard tends to focus on the tactile feel of the keyboard, HHKB is focused on both ergonomics and usability. As such, the usability of HHKB is significantly different from a typical keyboard.

HHKB has an ultra-compact Tenkeyless format, designed to reduce finger and wrist fatigue, while simultaneously increase keystroke precision and ultimate keystrokes per minute. In short, it’s connoisseurs stuff that only developers, authors, journalists, or anyone who actually type a lot, will appreciate.

Happy Hacking Keyboard For Developers

Features include premium Topre key switches that eliminate key chatter while offering precise and silky smooth tactile response, a 60-key Tenkeyless format puts every key within reach, lightweight and ultra-compact for easy transportation, and near-symmetrical layout, cylindrical step design and relocated ‘Control’ key, “help your fingers feel at home on the ‘Home row’ and reduce travel distances for your fingers and hands, reducing finger and wrist fatigue or stress related injuries.

HHKB is made in Japan and the Topre key switches are rated for a lifetime of 50 million keystrokes. Moreover, textured PBT are used on each keycaps, offering durable, shine-resistant keys and dye-sublimation method to produce fade-resistant keycap legends. Basically, it is pro stuff.

Happy Hacking Keyboard For Developers

HHKB Keyboard For Developers are available in four models: HHKB Hybrid Type-S, HHKB Hybrid, HHKB Classic, and HHKB Pro 2. There’s even a model that has blank keycaps. Needless to say, that is strictly for the pros.

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You can find HHKB selling on the brand’s official website as well as on Amazon UK with price ranging from £184.76-£299.99 (around US$249-US$403). We don’t believe they are officially sold on Amazon.com, though you may find some models being sold there.

Happy Hacking Keyboard For Developers

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