Toasters are like sorcery. You put soft, white bread in it and minutes later, crispy, golden toast popped out. Its magical. And if it is magic, wouldn’t it be nice to witness it turn from soft, white breads to golden brown, crispy toasts? Well, that’s exactly what this concept Bold Transparent Toaster by HOLO Design lets you do.

Bold Transparent Toaster by HOLO Design

According to the design studio, today’s toaster has three major problems. First, it is bulky (thanks to the cover protecting the innards). Secondly, toast is not visible, and thirdly, it are hard to clean and risk of contact with exposed circuitry.

To solve these problems, the creatives over at HOLO Design gave the toaster a good shave down, replacing traditional, bulky stainless steel cover with just transparent walls with circuits embedded in it.

Bold Transparent Toaster by HOLO Design

Furthermore, it is designed to be easily disassembled, thus allowing thorough cleaning. With Bold, you will get to see the entire process of white bread going golden brown. Which means, there will be no more nasty surprises like charred toast.

The device is designed to toast two bread in series rather than side-by-side. In that way, you observe both sides of both of the toasts. Clever. Apparently, there’s display built into one of the transparent walls too, so you’d be in the know of the heat going on it there.

Bold Transparent Toaster by HOLO Design

Finally, toasts are ejected from the sides as opposed to the conventional pop-out-from-the-top. We love the concept – even though I have pretty much given up bread for the sake of health. But what the hell, I would have some toasts occasionally if I had this toaster. IF.

Bold Transparent Toaster by HOLO Design

Images: HOLO Design.

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Source: Yanko Design.

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