If you have been following this blog, you would have know how much I hated the Apple AirPods’ design. I certainly won’t part with $159 for it, let alone $399. Wait, what? There is a pair of AirPods that cost that much? As a matter of fact, there is and it certainly is a product only hardcore Apple fanatics need apply. The ColorWare custom-colored AirPods in question is not coated in gold, but may very be more alluring than gold to true Macintosh fans because, it is custom colored in retro Apple computer color. You know, the familiar beige hue that was all rage in those days?

Retro Color Apple AirPods by Colorware

Completing the old Macintosh look are some faux vents and a pairing button in rainbow color, reminiscing that of Apple’s classic multi-color logo. Speaking of Macintosh, ColorWare did not actually draw inspiration from an old Mac. Rather, this Retro Color Apple AirPods is inspired by Apple IIe, which shares the same Pantone 453 matte finish with the Macintosh anyways. So, we’d be right to say it has the Macintosh look. ColorWare Limited AirPods Retro, as it is officially called, is a limited edition product that is only available for a limited time (though for how long, it is specified).

Beyond colors, this pair of custom colored AirPods is very much the AirPods you love (or as in my case, hate). Nothing’s changed under the hood and the same goes for the packaging. It will come with the original packaging, along with whatever accessories and documentation. Whether or not it is worth the $399 asking price, it is for you to judge.

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Retro Color Apple AirPods by Colorware

Images: ColorWare.

Source: iDB.

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