Any man with a sound mind will not want his man-meat anywhere near a Venus fly trap even if it poses no real danger to human’s bodily parts. But ask Oto Cadsky, he kind of love the idea, or at least that’s what we believe he dig. I mean, seriously. How else do explain why he choose the carnivorous plant as the design of a urinal, right? Oh, yes. You bet you ass that did that. He had a Venus fly trap design for the urinal. Bizarre choice indeed.

Clark Made Custom Venus Fly Trap Urinal

Cadsky had reached out to custom urinals and sinks maker Clark Sorensen (of to craft this intriguing urinal that takes the form of a Venus fly trap. Why? We do not know, but judging from the bathroom setup, which is an exotic jungle of sort, and the presence of a viper toilet (also a custom product), a Venus fly trap seems like a choice urinal design. Though personally, I find pitcher plant will be equally appropriate.

As you can see, it is an impressive urinal and it very well should be because, apparently, this custom piece costs a whopping $16,500. Ouch. Imagine that! Five figure sum for a urinal. Doesn’t that sound a bit much? I guess that would make every piss a very expensive one, don’t you think? In case the presence of spikes around the urinal bothers you, you’d be glad to know they are totally harmless. They are made of silicone rubber and therefore, they won’t threaten to impale you if you slip and fall on it, nor will they pierce your wanker when you need to take a leak.

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Clark Made Custom Venus Fly Trap Urinal

Image: Clark Sorensen/Oto Cadsky.

Source: Boing Boing.

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