One Less Thing To Own: Mateo Is A Bathmat And A Smart Weighing Scale

It has been a long while since we last saw any product, gadgets and whatnot, worthy of the mention as “one less thing” to own or carry. So, we are glad we have finally come across one called Mateo. Mateo is a bathmat and it is also smart weighing scale. So, that’s one less thing […]

Hong Kong’s Uber Lavish Toilet Has 334.68 Carats Of Diamonds, Worth Over $1.2M

The last thing one expect to see in China is capitalist decadence like, say, a golden toilet embellished with 40,815 diamonds on the toilet seat that is reportedly worth “over $1.2 million.”

Hidealoo Hide Away Toilet Makes Bathroom Smaller Without Sacrificing Functionality

Here’s how to make your bathroom even smaller to fit into tiny spaces and in process, uncluttering it, without sacrificing functionality. You know how folding bed and desk helped to increase usable space in tiny spaces? Well, the Hidealoo hide away toilet and shower system are the equivalent for bathrooms. The concept is simple. Stowaway […]

Sonny Is A Bidet That You Can Bring On The Road. Yes, Really!

You know what a bidet is. Now, meet one that you can bring along on the road. Yes. You freaking heard that right. Portable bidet is a thing. Called Sonny, this baton like device features a built-in water reservoir and an electronic package to get the motor churning and ejecting the water out of the […]

CONE Is A Basin And Vanity Top Combo Made Out Of A Tree Trunk

Basin. It comes in all shapes and sizes, but nearly all are of the same type of materials: ceramic and/or stainless steel. The most radical we have seen as far as material goes is concrete. That is until now we saw this: CONE Wooden Wash Basin by Woodbasin. Recently we stumble across this intriguing basin/vanity […]

This Shower Sponge Is 2,076 Percent Funded And For Good Reasons

$150,000+ is not a record-breaking funding on Kickstarter. Neither are 3,000+ backers any shocking. But when the item that has those numbers is a shower sponge? Well, it does kind of makes you think “how the hell a shower sponge gets so funded and by so many people?,” doesn’t it? The shower sponge in question […]

Rejoice, Toilet-Scrubbing Haters. This Robot Will Scrub The Toilet For You

It will be a while before an environment sensing, filth-picking, toilet-scrubbing robot becomes a reality, but not all hopes are lost for those who loathe the dirty chore of scrubbing the toilet because, there is the Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot which your hard-earned money can buy. So, yeah, toilet cleaning robot is a reality now, […]

Who Would Have Thought The Mjolnir Is Good As A Toilet Paper Holder Too?

When it comes to Thor’s mythical hammer, Mjolnir, there is nothing it can’t do. It can make Thor fly. It can pretty smash through everything and anything. And for times when it does not need follow its worthy owner on his superhero quest, it tenderizes meat, doubles as a toolbox, charge your smartphone, and my […]

A Bathroom Sink Setup That Mimics A DJ Console Is Absolutely Dope!

What you see here is a series of vinyl/turntable-inspired sinks from Olympia Ceramica that is sure to set the hearts of vinyl lovers and DJ fluttering. The collection of bathroom basins, aptly called Vinyl, feature sinks that mimics the look of a turntable setup. The circular basin resembles the turntable platter, albeit a deeply recessed […]

Someone Repurposed Brass Tuba Into A Sink And It is Cool As F*@k

Regular people: show their passion for say, example, music, by hanging vintage musical instruments on the wall, possibly in the living. Super cool people: repurposed a brass tuba into a sink. What you see is exactly the latter, as posted by Redditor u/marc_urzz. Apparently that is his step-uncle’s bathroom. Man, u/marc_urzz, you do have a […]