When you appreciate the finer things of life, you may be bothered by minute things like a towel not picking up the water from your body or it feels like sandpaper grinding your skin every time you wipe yourself down. Either scenario isn’t a good after-bath experience. That’s not to mention that some towels get stiff quickly and you have to replace them with yet another cheap new one. Enters Japarcana Imabari Towel.

Japarcana Imabari Towel

For the uninitiated, Imabari is to towel as Nanbu Tekki to ironware in Japan. Imabari towel brand mark and logo are only given to towels that have passed quality standards in Japan’s largest towel-producing area, Imabari which is the mecca of towel production in Japan.

Japarcana Towel promised excellent water absorbency and durability while remaining super plush and soft. Just saying a towel is absorbent is like saying a car is fast with no context has fast is fast.

Japarcana Imabari Towel

But that’s not in the case of this Imabari towel from Japarcana because the towel has met the Imabari towel standards, including a so-called “5-second rule” that demands that towels absorb water within five seconds. Though it is not clear how much water are we talking about.

As far as wiping down after a shower goes, you will only need to pad the skin with a Japarcana towel to remove the water still lingering on your skin. If every shower is an experience, then I guess wiping down should be part of the experience which is what Japarcana has to offer.

Japarcana Imabari Towel

Japarcana has launched 2 types of premium quality towels, namely,  The Yudono and The Omiyage. The former is made from fine-long yarn and offers a crazy amount of softness. Meanwhile, The Omiyage, which means “souvenir” in Japanese, is made using 100% superior Pima cotton with meticulously pieced threads. It is designed with gifting to friends and family in mind.

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Given the bathing culture in Japan, we have no doubt that Japarcana knows a thing or two about towels. If you share the same believe and are ready to take your shower experience to the next level, Japarcana Imabari Towels are available from Kickstarter with a starting price of 4,675 yen (or around US$37). The campaign is funded at this point and so, all there’s left to do is for Japarcana to fulfill its promise of delivery in May 2023.

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