Navy Tripod Floor Lamp brings nautical touch to floor lamp

Navy Tripod Floor Lamp 544x388px
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there’s something about three-legs that has fascinate mankind since the beginning of time. three legged items can found from items ranging from camera tripods to photo frame stands to land surveying equipment. even Steven Spielberg’s screen adaptation of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds (2005, Paramount Pictures), had alien machines with three legs. now you can continue that fascination with this nautical-inspired floor lamp from the lamp with its lamp shade looks to be an ordinary flair but it is the seafaring tripod with chrome metal detailing that caught my eyes. the classy floor lamp features adjustable height from 80 to 150-centimeters (31 to 59-inches), inline on/off switch on the power cable, chrome metal hardware, and a light-diffusing lamp shade. the Navy Tripod Floor Lamp comes in either black or white version and cost £89 (US$142) a pop. an excellent addition to your nautical-inspired decor and a good alternative if you find the Morse Code Signal Lamp a little on the eye-glaring side.
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Navy Tripod Floor Lamp 544x311px

Navy Tripod Floor Lamp 544x311px

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