modern day Morse Code Signal Lamp, not for signalling

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(credit: Hammacher) The Morse Code Signal Lamp | US$1,300.00 |

the market is not lacking of standing lamp but one that will become a conversational piece? not many. this particular unit will no doubt take the spotlight in any dwelling. back in 1897, British Royal Navy invented an ingenious way of discreetly communicating with other vessel without actually screaming across to each other.
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this item is not the actual thing used in the 1800s but a faithful replica of the original. sporting a 13 1/2″ diameter Morse code signal lamp complete with seven louvers controlled by a brass handle that opens and closes to emit either a solid beam or filtered light. excellent for communicating with your secret lover living opposite the street. just kidding. the lamp head is made out of aluminum, mounted on a solid aluminum cast bracket that has a couple of brass knobs to title the lamp up to 45 degree. yet, another feature that replicates what the original lamp is capable of.

inside the 360 degree swivel lamp head holds just one light bulb of up to 100 watts and finally, the whole structure is supported by a polish aluminum tripod topped with three solid brass feet. the accent of brass makes the whole lamp looks a whole lot nicer and a touch of yesteryear. the price for a piece of yesteryear-look? a cool $1,300.

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