This Off-roader Is Like An ATV, But It Is Suitable For Wheelchair Bound Person Too

This off-road vehicle is not the usual quad bike associated with all-terrain vehicle, or ATV, and yet, it is kind of like an ATV. The Electric All-terrain Pendular Quadricycle, as it is called, is an electric vehicle that is designed to take on tough, off-road terrains like grassy hills, dirt embankments, and more.

The Secret Compartment Shelf Is The True Meaning Of ‘Hiding In Plain Sight’

Here’s a piece of furniture that defines the meaning of ‘hiding in plain sight’. What everyone sees is a regular, well-crafted piece of wall shelf that’s good for up to 20 pounds (or around 9.1 kilograms) of objects, but in reality, it is more than meets the eyes. What looks like a beautiful, carved bottom […]

This Semi-Submersible Lets You Enjoy Views Above And Below The Water

If diving deep underwater – even in a luxury submarine like the supercar of submarine, the U-Boat Worx HiPer Sub – cannot quell your fear of the deep blue sea, then perhaps, the MSV Explorer Amphibious Semi-Submersible could be the perfect in-between solution. As the name implies, it is a partially submersible watercraft that offers […]

The Phone Charging Wallet Serves Its Purpose At An Affordable Price

Beneath the nondescript, fatherly-like looking wallet lies a couple of nifty features. First, it has the power to recharge your mobile device, and second, it has RFID blocking function. Both features are something one probably never expect from such a, ermmm, traditional looking wallet. In any case, The Phone Charging Wallet is NOT the first […]

Meet A New Kind Of Skateboard That Has Just 3 Wheels And Self-Balances

The purveyor ridiculously expensive stuff, Hammacher Schlemmer, is no stranger to selling small mobility devices like skateboard, scooter and stuff, but this one here, called Tomoloo Dragon Knight H3 3-Wheel Skateboard, is different. Firstly, it is a skateboard that has just three wheels. It looks like kids’ skatescooter but without the handle. Secondly, it is, […]

This Cold Coffee Maker Looks More Like A Steampunk Lab Equipment

What looks like a steampunk laboratory device is actually a Japanese Slow Drip Cold Brewer. It really is a sight to behold with the brass and wood construction, and the suspended spherical glass up top. It is handmade in Japan where apparently cold brew coffee originated. I don’t know if that’s true, but we will […]

Holy Molly! This 10-Foot Dragon Kite Is Incredibly Realistic Looking!

Ever dreamed of owning a dragon as a pet? Sadly, dragon is a mythical creature that does not exist. At least, it does not exist in this world where hunk of metals ply the skies. The truth can be quite cruel, but thanks to men’s ingenuity, owning a pet dragon is not impossible. No. It […]

1:5 Scale Jaguar XK120 Is A Kiddie Ride For Grown Ups That Goes 38MPH

Costing nearly two third of an entry level Jaguar XE and almost 70 percent pricer than the cheapest car in the United States, the Adult’s Jaguar XK120 Mini Roadster is certainly a luxury to have just like its real-life counterpart. And at 1:5 scale, this is the kiddie ride for grown ups, which means, it […]

Car Service Station Playset Lets Your Kids Experience The Process Of Servicing A Real Car

rather than let your kids grow up with violence-intended action figures, why not let them learning, or at least experience, something more wholesome like servicing a car, for example? well, if you are all up for it, then the Theo Klein Car Service Station is exactly the toy to get for your kids. featuring a […]

Smartphone Charging Wallet

forget about minimalist wallets. your power-hungry smartphone needs a backup battery, so why not integrate it an every day carry like your wallet? that’s exactly what the Smartphone Charging Wallet is about: an otherwise nondescript leather wallet that has a 680 mAh rechargeable built into it. yes. built-in. not some credit card size portable battery that you might…