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Meet A New Kind Of Skateboard That Has Just 3 Wheels And Self-Balances

The purveyor ridiculously expensive stuff, Hammacher Schlemmer, is no stranger to selling small mobility devices like skateboard, scooter and stuff, but this one here, called Tomoloo Dragon Knight H3 3-Wheel Skateboard, is different. Firstly, it is a skateboard that has just three wheels. It looks like kids’ skatescooter but without the handle. Secondly, it is, well, self-balancing, so you can enjoy zipping around at up to 17 mph (27 km/h) without being bothered by balancing which, really, isn’t that hard. But hey, if you prefer machine to do the job for you, then this is it. Continue reading Meet A New Kind Of Skateboard That Has Just 3 Wheels And Self-Balances

This Cold Coffee Maker Looks More Like A Steampunk Lab Equipment

What looks like a steampunk laboratory device is actually a Japanese Slow Drip Cold Brewer. It really is a sight to behold with the brass and wood construction, and the suspended spherical glass up top. It is handmade in Japan where apparently cold brew coffee originated. I don’t know if that’s true, but we will take Hammacher’s words for it. We are too lazy to check for something so insignificant. As long it makes good coffee that does not go bad in hours, we are good. Continue reading This Cold Coffee Maker Looks More Like A Steampunk Lab Equipment

Holy Molly! This 10-Foot Dragon Kite Is Incredibly Realistic Looking!

Ever dreamed of owning a dragon as a pet? Sadly, dragon is a mythical creature that does not exist. At least, it does not exist in this world where hunk of metals ply the skies. The truth can be quite cruel, but thanks to men’s ingenuity, owning a pet dragon is not impossible. No. It does not involve mosquito in amber. Instead, it is a kite, a pretty damn realistic 10-foot Dragon Kite. Continue reading Holy Molly! This 10-Foot Dragon Kite Is Incredibly Realistic Looking!

1:5 Scale Jaguar XK120 Is A Kiddie Ride For Grown Ups That Goes 38MPH

Costing nearly two third of an entry level Jaguar XE and almost 70 percent pricer than the cheapest car in the United States, the Adult’s Jaguar XK120 Mini Roadster is certainly a luxury to have just like its real-life counterpart. And at 1:5 scale, this is the kiddie ride for grown ups, which means, it can only accommodate a person and 50 percent or more (if you are taller) of your body will be completely exposed to the elements, and the tiny replica windscreen is not going to stop bugs from hitting your face at 38 miles an hour. It is a roadster, so I guess that’s ok, but still, having more than half of your body exposed is a lot (hence a kiddie ride which we can’t stop saying). Continue reading 1:5 Scale Jaguar XK120 Is A Kiddie Ride For Grown Ups That Goes 38MPH

Car Service Station Playset Lets Your Kids Experience The Process Of Servicing A Real Car

rather than let your kids grow up with violence-intended action figures, why not let them learning, or at least experience, something more wholesome like servicing a car, for example? well, if you are all up for it, then the Theo Klein Car Service Station is exactly the toy to get for your kids. featuring a front end of a car (aka half-cut in the real automotive world) complete with a dash and steering wheel, ignition, front wheels and a motor under the hood (or in this case, protruding out of the hood), the Theo Klein Car Service Station or as Hammacher likes to call it, The Car Lover’s Engine Repair Set, lets junior muck around the engine with activities like change oil and air filter, remove spark plugs, remove cowling and various nuts and bolts, and even checking the dipstick for oil levels. basically, nearly everything a real car technician would perform during a standard servicing routine – right down to firing up the car to appreciate the fruit of the labor. Continue reading Car Service Station Playset Lets Your Kids Experience The Process Of Servicing A Real Car

Smartphone Charging Wallet

forget about minimalist wallets. your power-hungry smartphone needs a backup battery, so why not integrate it into an every day carry like your wallet? that’s exactly what the Smartphone Charging Wallet is about: an otherwise nondescript leather wallet that has a 680 mAh rechargeable built into it. yes. built-in. not some credit card size portable battery that you might forget to bring. this juice pack is stuck to your wallet all the time, so if you remember your wallet, you will always have a backup battery with you, well, that’s provided you keep it topped which you can do so in just 30 minutes with the included micro USB adapter. the battery comes with an integrated charging cable, so you need not to be concerned with bringing additional cable. Continue reading Smartphone Charging Wallet

RC Fire-breathing Dragon

if you are huge RC aircraft enthusiast, you have probably heard about the mythical beast, a radio control, turbine jet-powered dragon that breathes fire (note: not a typo). in fact, this RC Fire-breathing Dragon has been popping up in RC shows all over the country over the years and needless to say, the creature and its creator, Richard Hamel, has been getting some well deserved attentions. the RC Fire-breathing Dragon is as mythical and elusive as the mythical creature we have read about, but thanks to the purveyor of all things luxe, Hammacher Schlemmer, you will be able to lay your hands on one – IF you have $60,000 to drop. Continue reading RC Fire-breathing Dragon

The James Bond Remote Controlled Stunt Car

everyone knows the obligatory car stunts in James Bond movies are make believe, but that doesn’t stop fans from admiring and fantasized about those stunts. seriously, don’t do that. those stunts are, well, stunts and should be limited to your fantasy. you certainly don’t want to ruin your lovely Aston Martin DBS V12 and not to mention endangering your life and others in process, but not if those stunts are performed over a miniature, like this James Bond Remote Controlled Stunt Car. The James Bond Remote Controlled Stunt Car goes beyond the regular directional control (forward, backward, left and right turns), allowing you to lift the right front and rear wheels off the ground for evading obstacles or get through narrow alleys (no magic here, it is achieved by a small wheel that extends under the car at a push of a button), as well as popping wheelies or shooting off a ramp. Continue reading The James Bond Remote Controlled Stunt Car

The Wireless Headphone Ear Warmers

having cold ears already? perhaps this Wireless Headphone Ear Warmers can help you get through the long cold winter while keeping you entertained and also lets you answer calls coming to your smartphone without exposing your ears to the harsh cold. lets just say that this is a two-in-one solution for those living in cold regions, where previously, you had separate ear warmers and headphones, which you have to remove the former to use the latter, thereby opening up your ears to the cold. so with this integrated solution, you will get yourself a Bluetooth headphone that you use like every other Bluetooth headphones in the market, for taking calls and enjoying your favorite tunes, while the thermal fleece shell with insulation and soft polyester lining keeps your sound holes nice and comfy even in the winter gusts. Continue reading The Wireless Headphone Ear Warmers

The Star Wars Battling Fighters Slot Car Set

when we think slot cars, slotted tracks and fancy toy race cars comes to mind. in another word, we expected nothing less than four-wheeled miniature models, but that’s not the case with the The Star Wars Battling Fighters Slot Car Set. unless you have serious skills in piloting RC aircraft, the The Star Wars Battling Fighters Slot Car Set is your best bet in recreating the memorable Death Star “Trench Run” scene from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and being a slot car set, you get the boon of endless run (in this case, chase), unless one knocks out the other. you see, unlike regular slot cars, these spacecrafts, namely Luke Skywalker’s “Red Five” X-Wing and Lord Vader’s TIE Advanced Fighter, from the galaxy far, far away are actually wider than the track which makes overtaking an impossibility without knocking each other or one of the other out of the track. Continue reading The Star Wars Battling Fighters Slot Car Set