If diving deep underwater – even in a luxury submarine like the supercar of submarine, the U-Boat Worx HiPer Sub – cannot quell your fear of the deep blue sea, then perhaps, the MSV Explorer Amphibious Semi-Submersible could be the perfect in-between solution. As the name implies, it is a partially submersible watercraft that offers both above- and underwater viewing options. While that alone is a major selling point of this unique vessel, MSV Explorer Amphibious Semi-Submersible does not stop there; it is also an amphibious vehicle too.

MSV Explorer Amphibious Semi-Submersible

With this James Bond-ish seafaring vehicle, it needs no crane, tender vessel, or dock to get into the water; it simply drives off the trailer and into the water – thanks to a pair of 360-degree turning heavy-duty rubber tracks. On land, it is driven forth by dedicated 48V intercooler electric motors, enabling it to tackle up to 30 degrees of gradient for entry and egress of a waterbody be it shore lines or boat ramps. MSV Explorer Amphibious Semi-Submersible is kept juiced by two 25V lithium battery banks that afford it with 110 hours of water operation, or up to 8 hours of land cruising.

MSV Explorer Amphibious Semi-Submersible

As a sea-going vehicle, it features a buoyant above-water upper hull where a two-person cockpit that offers 180-degree surface views is located, and below the waterline is where you will find an inverted 1 1/2-inch thick acrylic hemisphere which can accommodate further two passengers. When in the water, the MSV Explorer Amphibious Semi-Submersible is powered by horizontally-orientated underwater thrusters and makes a top speed of 6 knots forward and 4 knots backward, and like on land, it is capable of making 360-degree turns when in the water.

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Obviously, this is a big boy toy and this means, it is going to cost a fortune. If you want one, be prepared for shell out around $300,000 for it.

MSV Explorer Amphibious Semi-Submersible

MSV Explorer Amphibious Semi-Submersible

MSV Explorer Amphibious Semi-Submersible

Images: MSV Explorer.

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  1. what is the mpg on one of those MSV Explorer Semi-Sub and how many tanks of gas would it take to get to Amsterdam from Florida

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