This Carapace, A Hyper Luxurious Superyacht And It Is Also A Submarine

Folks, this is the Carapace. It is a 256 feet (78 meters) luxury superyacht/submarine hybrid that offers billionaire and his/her entourage the luxury of yachting as well as the privacy of a submarine. It can accommodate up to 11 guests across its 6 cabins, and it is manned by a crew of 15.

Someone Turned LEGO Aquanauts Submarines Into Real Submarines

LEGO can make almost anything, including aircraft and boats, but you know how is it with LEGO aircrafts and boats. They may have the form, but they won’t fly or actually sail, let alone submerge in the case of submarines. Or so we thought. As it turns out, one of our favorite YouTube tinkerer Peter […]

Uber Introduces World’s First Ride-sharing Submarine, scUber

Uber, the company that liberates us from the frustration of whistling for taxis along the busy roadside, plans to have to the air covered by 2023. In between, it is also working to realized fully autonomous passenger transport and also introduced on-demand boat services. So, the American multinational transportation company pretty much has the land, […]

This Semi-Submersible Lets You Enjoy Views Above And Below The Water

If diving deep underwater – even in a luxury submarine like the supercar of submarine, the U-Boat Worx HiPer Sub – cannot quell your fear of the deep blue sea, then perhaps, the MSV Explorer Amphibious Semi-Submersible could be the perfect in-between solution. As the name implies, it is a partially submersible watercraft that offers […]

Lee Rosario Literally Takes ‘Amphibious’ To The Next Level Of High

I am sure you know what an ‘amphibious vehicle’ is. In the automotive world, it means a vehicle capable of traversing the water and land, and vice versa, seamlessly, but Lee Rosario’s Hyperlight Aeros takes the meaning of ‘amphibious’ to the next level of high. To be more precise, the designer’s concept of ‘amphibious’ is […]

Elon Musk Wants To Save Thai Boys Trapped In Cave With This Mini Sub

As the news of the desperate attempt to rescue a group of Thai boys trapped in a flooded cave reached Elon Musk, he is not going to wait to see what happens. The visionary wants technology to help save the kids from this potentially deadly situation. Already, Boring Company and SpaceX engineers have been dispatched […]

U-Boat Worx HiPer Submarine Looks Like A Supercar Submerged In Water

What you are looking at here is not front end of a supercar. It isn’t an alien spaceship with a thing for supercar either. It is a submarine. A U-Boat Worx personal sports submarine, to be precise, that will allow you to take on the water below the surface and move through it like a […]

Aston Martin Now Has Boats And It Is Also Going Deep With A Submarine Too

OK. We are going to make this quick. Aston Martin is extending its reach beyond land to the water. First, it designed a beautiful boat and then, came a submarine. Yes. You are not hearing things. Aston Martin has gotten itself into a partnership with private sub maker, Triton Submarines, to create a “strictly-limited edition […]

This Sci-fi-ish Speedboat-Submarine Hybrid Piques The Marines Interest

Remember Hyper-Sub which briefly mentioned in a post couple of days ago? Yea. That’s the other speedboat/submarine hybrid that may have piqued the U.S.M.C’s interest. However, unlike the obvious made-for-military aesthetic of the SEAL Carrier, Hyper-Sub looks very much like a futuristic ride you would expect from a August Power or James Bond movie. It […]

This Speedboat Is Capable Of 30 Knots And It Is Also A 15 nm Submarine Too

In the recent IMDEX Asia 2017 in Singapore, defence contractors were again eagerly showing off their latest military hardware to entice governments from the world over. It seems like in this year’s show, marine-related technologies were in abundance (probably due to the maritime tension in this region) and among the sea of dark and light […]