Implosion Titan OceanGate How It Happened Video

It has been almost a month since the tragic loss of the Titanic wreckage tourism sub, Titan, in which five people perished in the depths of the cold North Atlantic Ocean. We heard the news on June 18 about a certain sub had lost contact with the mother vessel as it went down on a wreckage tour. We refrain from speaking about the tragedy which countless news outlets have already covered, until now.

Implosion Titan OceanGate How It Happened Video

Recently we came across an educational video with a clear and concise description of how the implosion happened. The video posted on YouTube entitled “Implosion Titan Oceangate How It Happened” was created by the YouTube channel AiTelly. It explains the basic science behind implosion and it also introduced to the viewers the operation, the setup of the sub, and more.

The 6 minutes plus video, which was created using Blender, was shared on AiTelly’s channel on June 30 (or July 01, depending on where you are located) and it has already garnered 10 million views in less than two weeks. If you are still clueless about what happened to the ill-fated sub, this video will bring you up to speed. As I have said, it is educational. May the five departed souls rest in peace.

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Images: YouTube (AiTelly).

via New York Post.