Sharp Pest Control Using Semiconductor Laser

You probably have seen a viral video of a dude from China who made a mosquito-zapping turret. I cannot confirm if that is real or not but using lasers to zap pests may soon be a thing for farmers.

Sharp Fukuyama Laser Corporation presents a high-tech way of taking out pests without the use of pesticides aptly referred to as “Pest Control System Using Semiconductor Lasers.”

Sharp’s Pest Control System Using Semiconductor Lasers uses high-power blue lasers to eliminate agricultural pests like moths and grasshoppers. The system promises environmentally friendly pest control, leveraging advanced laser technology for precise and effective extermination.

While challenging, the project is technically feasible, with prototypes developed and safety measures in consideration. Future applications may include deterring rodents and birds or copper processing.

In case anyone’s wondering, semiconductor lasers are used in optical pickups and can be found in devices like CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray, laser printers, laser pointers, et cetera.

But why blue laser? Interestingly, researchers have discovered that insects with body colors composed of brown and light brown have a high absorption rate for blue light.

There is a catch though. This is a complex technology that has no known applications yet. However, researchers over at Sharp are confident that it is feasible in due course.

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The system will incorporate safety features where the machine will stop emitting lasers when there are people present.

Laser may not be practical to take down aircraft like Star Wars but it has found its calling as space debris removable and now, pest control—well, that’s if Sharp has its way.

If you read Japanese, you may learn more about this sci-fi tech HERE [JP].

Image: Sharp Fukuyama Laser Corporation [JP].