Disney Imagineering HoloTile Omnidirectional Walking Floor Lets Multiple Person Walk Independently On it

If you haven’t already heard, Walt Disney has a research division that creates amazing things like real-life working lightsabers, free-roaming robotic actors, and stunt robots, which are used at its theme parks and in making TV shows and movies. The latest tech to emerge from this amazing R&D division is called HoloTile.

World’s Largest Quadcopter Drone Is 21 Feet Across But Weighs Just 54 Pounds

With today’s technology, setting records for the smallest drone or the heaviest cargo lifted by a drone may not be particularly challenging. However, creating the world’s largest drone while adhering to strict weight limits relative to its size presents a significant challenge. This ambitious endeavor was undertaken by researchers at the University of Manchester.

Meet The World’s Smallest NERF Gun Which The Eyes Can Barely See

Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer turned YouTube content creator, first gained worldwide fame with his unique science content, including building the world’s largest NERF Gun and the world’s biggest Super Soaker. Fast forward seven years, and he took on a fresh challenge: creating the world’s smallest NERF gun, this time with help from the …

Meanwhile, In Japan, Nissin Foods Successfully Developed Plant-based Eel

I am beginning to think the future of meat may be, well, no future. It would be plant-based. I mean, it could happen now that Nissin Foods, the Japanese food company that is mostly famously known for its cup noodles, has successfully developed plant-based eel. You heard that right. Even the iconic Japanese eel dish …

This Is M4, A Bioinspired Robot That Flies, Rolls, Crawls, And More

Drones that morph to achieve another form of mobility aren’t new. There are even toys that do that too. However, this latest developed by Caltech, in collaboration with Northeastern University is something else. Called M4, which is short for Multi-Modal Mobility Morphobot – it is a bioinspired robot that flies, rolls, walks, and more.

Dyson Makes Backpack Now But It Is Not For What You Think It Is

Dyson has reworked its existing sensing technology used in its air purifiers incorporated into a backpack which allows the backpack to double as an air sensing device. Over 300 primary school students and 12 teachers from six schools in Melbourne’s inner west will carry the Dyson Air Quality Backpacks for four days in a pioneering …

A Research By UT Austin Enables Tetraplegics To Control A Wheelchair With Their Mind

Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin use new brain-machine interface technology to allow tetraplegics to control their wheelchairs through mind control. In this one of the first studies of its kind, several patients with severe motor disabilities were able to maneuver a wheelchair that translates their thoughts into movement.