As It Turns Out, Penguins Were Human-sized 30 Million Years Ago

Some animals are just cute the way they are now, i.e. small and cuddly. But what if, they weren’t? Case-in-point: penguins. And if you think Emperor Penguin, which can grow to a height of 48 inches (122 centimeters), already failed to qualify for the “small and cuddly” accolade, then just imagine a penguin that was […]

Wearable Robotic Tail Aims To Gift Humans What Evolution Failed To Provide Us: Balance

Why human beings do not have a tail is simply because, we can balanced ourselves perfectly under normal situations. However, very obviously evolution did not expect us to do things out of the norm like carrying heavy boxes or going up stairs, let alone a combination of both. But f*@k evolution because, researchers at Keio […]

Just Like Star Wars’ Tatooine, This Newly Discovered Alien Planet Has More Than A Sun

I bet when George Lucas imagined Star Wars’ Tatooine with two suns, he didn’t realize it actually exists (or maybe he did?). For the benefit of non-Star Wars fans, Tatooine was a planet covered in harsh deserts, orbiting two suns, known as Tatoo I and Tatoo II. Anyways, the story was, NASA has spotted an […]

Watch A Shark In A Feeding Frenzy Gets Swallowed Whole By A Grouper

What supposed to be a rare sight of a herd of 11 sharks, made up of two species of deep-sea dogfish, feasting on an eight-foot long dead swordfish on the ocean floor at 1,500 feet (457 meters) deep, turned out to be a shocker to a bunch of researchers. Frankly, we were a little stunned […]

Scientists Developed Insect-sized Robot Powered By Solar

Once upon a time, Harvard University wowed the world with a micro autonomous flying robot called RoboBee. Then, USC School of Engineering one up it with a 4-winged robotic insect called Bee+ and now, Harvard Microrobotics Laboratory came back at Bee+ with its under-a-gram 4-winged robotic flying insect that can fly tether-free – thanks to […]

Hummingbird Robot Learned To Fly By Learning From Real Hummingbirds

It looks like someone have picked up where AeroVironment have left off. If you recall, AeroVironment had developed a Nano Hummingbird several yeas ago under a DARPA program aimed in developing Nano Air Vehicle or NAV. So, yeah, someone has developed a hummingbird drone and this being six years on, technology this hummingbird is way […]

MIT CSAIL’s RoCycle Recycling Robot Identifies Recyclables By Touch

This is a single stream recycling robot, RoCycle, developed by MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). RoCycle is able to differentiate if an object is paper, metal, or plastic. Machines that are able to identify a specific material is not new. I have personally seen one in action in an expo in Atlanta […]

This Is The First 3D Heart Printed Using Patient’s Biological Materials

In a major medical breakthrough today, scientists over at Tel Aviv University has printed the first 3D heart using a patient’s cells and biological materials. You heard that right. It is totally a 3D-printed heart, though not quite the 3D printing you have come to known (like obviously). Described as the world’s first 3D vascularized […]

Mankind Finally Gets First Hand Look Of A Black Hole, Albeit A Blurry One

If you haven’t already heard, astronomers over at Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) has captured the first ever image of a Black Hole. Now, capturing the image was not simple as whipping out a camera with super zoom lens and hitting the shutter button. This thing is 500 freaking million trillion kilometers away which is obviously […]

World’s Largest Bee Rediscovered On Indonesia’s Islands

Modern humans may be on the little blue marble for about 200,000 years, but there are still many things awaiting to be discovered or rediscovered. One such recent discovery/rediscovery is this: the Wallace’s Giant Bee, or as it known scientifically as Megachile pluto. Previously thought to be extinct when it was last saw in the […]