3D Printer Turned Into A Production Line Realizes “Personal Factory Automation”

If you haven’t already heard… 3D printers are not mere 3D model printers anymore. In future, it may include automation. Automation here means assembling of 3D printed parts straight after 3D printing, right there and then – straight on the 3D printer bed.

Age Old Question Of Whether A Cat Actually Rubs Its Butthole All Over The House Answered

When I saw this report. I knew I had to post this. Why? Because, that has been a question in my mind since I was a teen. I mean, seeing how our pet feline friends can access more areas than fido does, it is a valid question. Imagine if a cat does rub his or …

Webcam Designed To Look Like A Human Eye Also Moves And Blinks Like One Too

This webcam is sure to trigger uneasiness in many people. What you see here is an Anthropomorphic Webcam. We often don’t give a second thought about webcams. While some users are wary of it being hacked, that’s not the point. The point is, a webcam could be spying at us and nothing says louder and …

MIT Research Reveals That Vaccination By Inhalation Can Boost Immune Responses To Respiratory Infections

Here’s an exciting development in the field of medical science. MIT researchers has carried out a study on vaccination by inhalation, a process in which vaccines are directly deliver to the lungs.

Holy Mother Of… Smartphone Can Decipher The Shape Of A House Key

I’ll be damned if this actually works. Wait. It actually worked. What you about to hear is something rather disturbing. Researchers at National University of Singapore (NUS) have recently published a study on acoustic cryptanalysis, applied to house keys.

Shirt That Harvests And Stores Energy From Human Body Could Be Used To Power Electronic Devices

Well, what do you know? It turns out, not only our wrist is good for powering a smartwatch; the entire body is a giant-ass battery too. Scientists over at the University of California – San Diego has developed a shirt that harvests and stores energy from the human body which can then be used to …

Newly Developed Ink Can Enable 3D Printing Of Bone Directly In The Patient’s Body

There is an exciting breakthrough in area of 3D bioprinting, a 3D printing technology for fabricating biomedical parts that can be used to create replacement organs or other part parts, by University of New South Wales. The breakthrough here is the use of ceramic ink that will allow doctors to 3D print bones directly into …

This Robotic Hand Simulates Holding A Girl’s Hand While Walking

There must be many lonely souls in Japan. How else would one find crazy number of life-like sex dolls and bizarre inventions like hologram girlfriend (and someone even marrying it), and a Woman’s Hand iPhone Case? Speaking woman’s hand iPhone case… a university in Japan has taken the concept of holding a girl’s hand even …

Researchers 3D Printed Smaller Than Human Hair Star Trek USS Voyager Model

You know how thick is a strand of human hair? It ranges from 0.04 mm to 0.1 mm (40 to 100 micrometers). Super thin. What you see here is a 3D printed microswimmer modeled after Star Trek’s USS Voyager and it is smaller than a hair’s breath at just 15 micrometers.