This Robotic Hand Simulates Holding A Girl’s Hand While Walking

There must be many lonely souls in Japan. How else would one find crazy number of life-like sex dolls and bizarre inventions like hologram girlfriend (and someone even marrying it), and a Woman’s Hand iPhone Case? Speaking woman’s hand iPhone case… a university in Japan has taken the concept of holding a girl’s hand even […]

Researchers 3D Printed Smaller Than Human Hair Star Trek USS Voyager Model

You know how thick is a strand of human hair? It ranges from 0.04 mm to 0.1 mm (40 to 100 micrometers). Super thin. What you see here is a 3D printed microswimmer modeled after Star Trek’s USS Voyager and it is smaller than a hair’s breath at just 15 micrometers.

Raptor-inspired Drone With Morphing Wing And Tail: Is “Feathered” Drone The Future?

Nearly everyone one knows how to build a drone, but only a handful decided that they should do it differently and actually innovates. CycloTech, ADIFO, Festo, and Passerine are among some of the handful innovators, and now, Switzerland’s École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) aka Swiss Federal Institute of Technology too.

MIT Developed A Completely New Type Of Mask That Inactivates Coronavirus

Not feeling safe from the threat of coronavirus even with a mask on? Well then, Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s researchers may have a solution. While face mask has been proven to reduce risk of infection, MIT has developed a mask that inactivates CoV-2 virus.

Researchers Made Progress In Bomb Sniffing Locusts In A Navy-backed Research

Thankfully (or maybe not?) that we don’t have insect rights activist yet. If not, those researchers over at Washington University in St. Louis wouldn’t be able to carry the research of bomb sniffing cyborg locusts.

You Head Of Noise Canceling Headphones, Now Meet The Noise Canceling Windows

Noise pollution is a serious concern particularly in urban area. It affects the mental well being of urban dwellers. Obviously, if you are an air-con person and couldn’t care less about utility bill, it wouldn’t bother you the slightest. But for those who cares, and prefer open windows, a new development by Nanyang Technological University […]

Remotely Operated Straight Razor-wielding Robot Because, Science

If you cringed at the prospect of a robot cutting your hair with a pair of scissors, then you better look away from this research project by John Whitney at Northeastern University. John Whitney and his students have a submitted a paper entitled “Series Elastic Force Control for Soft Robotic Fluid Actuators.”

Researchers At University Of Washington Developed An “Action Cam” For Insects

Yelps. It looks like the microbot that appeared in the sci-fi thriller novel by Dan Brown, Deception Point, is not far from reality. Remember how scientists have created a cyborg dragonfly that allows humans to manipulate a living dragonfly? Well, combining that with a recent creation by researchers at University of Washington, Deception Point spy […]