Jizai Arms Wearable Robotic Arms Unit University of Tokyo

While some labs are trying to better the lives of people who had lost their limbs with robotic inventions, some roboticists at the University of Tokyo want to add more arms to regular people with a robotic research project dubbed Jizai Arms.

Jizai Arms Wearable Robotic Arms Unit University of Tokyo
The device can support up to 6 arms.

Jizai Arms is a wearable robot that can be attached with up to six bionic arms, effectively turning humans into half-robotic arachnids. The research project, led by Professor Masahiko Inami, is one of a series of technologies that explored the idea of jizai which loosely translates to freedom of movement.

It is hard to describe the goals of jizai but a look at the past and present research projects should give you an idea of what Prof and his team are trying to achieve. Though I am totally stumped by Jizai Arms.

The Jizai Arms is supposed to be an extension of humans as opposed to a tool. A device that, like some objects that we use in life, such as a musical instrument, becomes attached to us emotionally.

According to the professor, the device “supports us and can unlock creativity.” So, it is kind of for artistic performance? Maybe? To be honest, I have absolutely no idea what the ultimate goal is with Jizai Arms.

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Jizai Arms Wearable Robotic Arms Unit University of Tokyo
In the future, we could be swapping arms!

All I know it looks cool but no actual applications. Well, other than performing a multi-limb ballet to entertain people of the future. I’d put it in the same category as the girlfriend’s hand research project.

I guess it may be like bio hacks in the future. Perhaps, one day we will be like swapping arms with fellow users? But whatever is going to happen, it’d be limited by our ability to control it.

Apparently, it is controlled by a robot arm control unit synced with the Jizai Arms, which means, the user is not really the user. The user is supposed to be able to take control which I imagined to be using a control pad or something.

There is no mind control, if that’s what you have imagined. Even if has mind control, a human mind is incapable of controlling multiple limbs beyond what we are naturally born with. We ain’t an octopus.

You may be able to find more information on Jizai Arms’ dedicated website [JP].

Images: University of Tokyo.

via EuroNews/Japan Times.