This is NeoMano by Neofect. It is a robotic glove that enables people with paralysis or weak hands to regain some hand functionality so they can complete simply daily tasks. It is really a brilliant invention.

Brilliant because, not only it allows patients to regain some hand functions, but in the progress, it helps to rehabilitate the weak or non-functioning hand, such as for patients who have suffered a stroke.

Neofect NeoMano Robotic Glove Indiegogo

It works for both for those who is suffering from weakness or even complete loss of muscle function and loss of sensation. It is like an exoskeleton of sort, but just for a hand. A motor control the contraction of the fingers to allow for grasp and it is wirelessly controlled by a remote.

It is simple to operate with just two buttons. One button to close the fingers and the other to open. It has variable strength too. By holding down the close button, the motorized fingers will increase in grip strength. There’s no mention of gradual release, so we are not sure if the opposite works for release.

According to a report, Neofect has successfully crowdfunded the first batch of NeoMano Robotic Gloves in December 2018 and the products were shipped to backers last month.

The second crowdfunding campaign, also on Indiegogo, has ended too, but this time round, it seems to have garnered significantly less backers (13 backers as opposed to the first’s 93).

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The second campaign was on flexible goal and so, it is really more like a pre-sale event. Neofect NeoMano Robotic Glove was sold at 70 percent discount from its eventual retail price ($1,999), at $599 during the campaign.

Neofect NeoMano Robotic Glove Indiegogo

Images: Neofect.

Source: designboom.

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