Gita Following Robot by Piaggio

Soldiers have the Squad Mission Support System (SMSS) to relieve them of heavy load. You, too, can have your own “SMSS” but it ain’t from Lockheed Martin and it most certainly don’t have a payload of half a ton.

Gita Following Robot by Piaggio

Folks, meet Gita by Piaggio. Yes. It’s the Piaggio. The scooter make notable for its Vespa line of scooters. Gita robot is a first-of-its-kind following robot that does pretty much what the SMSS does for soldiers: it carries stuff for you.

It can carry up to 40 pounds (a little over 18 kilograms) of your belongs and scoot behind you at a briskly 6 miles an hour (9.7 km/h), for up to four hours straight.

But why a robot carrier? Well, because Piaggio reckons that with load off your shoulders, “you could walk further, faster and more frequently in your neighborhood with your hands free to engage with people and other activities.”

Gita Following Robot by Piaggio

Novel. It is like walking a pet that shopping malls have no problem accepting and also, a pet that actually carry stuff without PETA or RSPCA coming after you.

All it takes a push of a button and Gita will begin sensing its environment and pair with you (the leader), and roll behind you in sync with your pace.

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People, this is the future. And this future is now. So, no, Gita is not a fantasy. It is real and a robot that money can buy. Yes, really!

If you are interested, you can learn more about Gita HERE, or order a unit HERE. However, we do not know how much it actually costs. All we see on the order page is “as low as $106/month.” Just hope that it isn’t a lifetime payment.

Images: Piaggio & C. S.p.a..