Germany Obscene Parody Bert and Ernie

This had to be the most bizarre thing we have come across this week. Apparently, there is a parody of the Sesame Street’s popular characters, Bert and Ernie, in Germany, and they weren’t as educational. To say the parody, known as Bernie and Ert, is actually an understatement. In fact, they are downright crude and absolutely inappropriate even for some grown-ass person.

Then again, that’s where the hilarity is, isn’t it? Anyways, here’s an excerpt of what Bernie and Ert is about straight from Muppet Wiki:

“Bernie und Ert was a recurring sketch on the show created by Attik Kargar, who performed the puppets and supplied the voice of Bernie. Bernie and Ert are an obscene parody of Bert and Ernie on Sesame Street, and especially as re-dubbed on Sesamstrasse. The pair are a same-sex couple, with no nose and one eye each. Each sketch focused on such topics as crime, drug abuse (Bernie is a cocaine addict), and S&M practices. In February 2003, Bernie and Ert were dropped from the series because of legal concerns; however, older episodes circulate on the Internet. The characters lived on and appeared in another recurring sketch called Popo Club in where they wear S&M gear and go by the names Unknown No. 1 and Unknown No. 2. These versions of the characters later appeared in the German adult puppet series Eye TV – Der durchgeknallte Puppensender and two spin-off web series”

As it turns out, the world already started to be weird as far back as early 2000. That’s quite a revelation to me, TBH. There’s a video to catch if you understand German.

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Image: YouTube (wesoneakaINM).

Source: boing boing.