Kayak Tour Around Louvre Abu Dhabi

How often has anyone admire the beauty of the architecture of a museum in addition to the exhibits within? I betting not many and it is going be far lesser (or at least not as close as one may have liked), if most part of the museum is surrounded by water like in the case of Louvre Abu Dhabi. But fret not, my fellow travelers, because, from last weekend onward, you will be to hop on a kayak and examine the beautiful architecture a little closer.

Kayak Tour Around Louvre Abu Dhabi

This kayak museum tour is conducted by Sea Hawk Water Sports who have been doing similar excursions elsewhere in the region for almost a decade now. A professional instructor will be accompany each group on this mini tour of the Louvre Abu Dhabi watered portion and so, you, theoretically, should be in good hands even if you has zero experience in kayaking.

Typical with any activity that involves some form of risks, participants will have to be put through a quick pre-kayaking safety briefing and a life jacket fitting. There’s even fruit salad and bottled drink water served. Though we are not sure whether they will be given before or after the tour. Anywho, the instructor is not only there to give you the peace of mind; he or she also doubles as a guide, feeding you with information on this gorgeous architecture.

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If you are heading to Louvre Abu Dhabi, you may want to sign yourself up for this unique experience. Prices per person is 120 AED plus tax (around US$33+). Tickets can be book online at Sea Hawk Water Sports website.

Images: Sea Hawk Water Sports.

Source: Luxury Launches.