At this point, I pretty much speechless. I am not a huge fan of hillclimb races, but I do know what a typical hillclimb race car look like. It is probably ground hugging, has more power than any car needs, and has huge-ass wing. However, nothing that I know about hillclimb race cars could have prepared me for this: Franco Scribante Racing Hillclimb GTR. This thing is monstrous – both in power and in wings, AKA spoilers. Yes. That’s plural for wings because, this beast here has two of them and both of them are enormous. Like seriously and ridiculously enormous.

Franco Scribante Racing Hillclimb GTR

The thing at the front is not a spare spoiler placed on the shop floor. IT IS part of the car. It rewrite my impression for front spoiler. And if you think the front is outrageously big, well, wait till you see the rear. It is even more astonishing. Not it towers high, but it also at least a foot longer than the car wide on each side. That rear wing is monstrous. The rear diffuser ain’t your run-of-the-mill size either. It is huge too, but not nearly as mind-bending as the two wings. Suddenly, whether or not this ride has 1,600 HP packed under the hood matters no more.

Franco Scribante Racing Hillclimb GTR

One for sure if this thing don’t make the fastest time, it will damn sure stick to the dirt like like cyanoacrylates holding two pieces of metal together. Franco Scribante Racing will be taking its pride and joy to Simola Hillclimb in South Africa town of Knysna next month. Until then, all we can predict is, it will stay stick to the dirt and not how fast it can make it to the top. But before that can materializes, there are much work still to be done and team is on overdrive to get it 100 percent ready.

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The car, which was “specced and built in collaboration with Dodson Motorsport, was a cumulation of the team experienced after last year’s Pikes Peak. Man, I still can’t get over how humongous the front spoiler is. Seriously, are sure it is a spoiler even? Unbelievable. Good thing it is a race car, else it could have attract undue attention like, you know, police officers like this one HERE.

Images: Franco Scribante Racing via Stefan Kotze Photography.

Source: Jalopnik.

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